Sony Xperia T Hands-on (video)


  • Tharan

    What’s up with the nail polish in one of the pics?
    The phone, meh…

    • Mr. Marcus

      I like this phone. I like the sony tags, I think its good that sony is trying to do something unique and different.

    • $73ARPU

      I stopped reading when you said Ice Cream Sandwich, mid November 2012!

      1-The phone has LTE and SD card but HALF THE RAM of the N4!
      2-If the upgrade was so close, why wouldn’t wait a few days/weeks and then release the phone with Android4.1?
      Answer: The upgrade will take longer, it always does.
      3-The only way that phone can compete this season will be with price put it at $350-399 and might sell.

      -Shaken, stirred and FAILED! phones like this simply prove why you SHOULD buy a Nexus phone (upgrades and price)

    • $73ARPU

      Good luck waiting and awaiting for the SONY Update, and then months later for the Specific operator upgrade (that “testing” is nothing more of a time buffer to push the expensive phones first then the others, then the upgrades)

      I have learned my lesson with Sony, Motorola and LG. Nexus phones from now on are a no brainer.

    • $73ARPU

      The phone comes with one of the Bond girls and Ice Cream Sandwich from 2011 (Not a Typo!)but the phone is still a FAIL!

  • Dilkatron

    Was geared up to buy this phone, then heard about the Sony Odin. May have to wait.

  • Eric


  • George K

    Their skin looks really bad. Seeing it set against elements of the default ICS skin makes it really stand out. For example, the part of the videos where it’s showing the storage settings; you see the modern, vibrant look of ICS in the settings themselves then you have the dated, cheesy looking faux gloss header.

  • Logical

    What a device indeed! Pricing will be the main issue here. Robellus will rob-the-hell-out-of-us I am assuming.

  • kris

    one of the main thing that sucks about sonys new phones with HD screens is the horrible viewing angles. theres alot of washout and fading. its very odd seeing how sony makes the screen on the one x which has the best viewing angles ever. they are clearly sourcing their better panels to competition.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    very ugly back design, no thanks –this will go straight to the walmart mobile aisle like its uglier brother the ion

  • John Marshall

    If I wasn’t holding out for a Windows Phone 8, this might be pretty appealing.

  • Osama

    so what are you gonna get French? theres not too much out there other than LG, do you feel that lucky?

  • Bri

    I like how Sony tries to be innovative and etc that the os actually stands out from others.
    But software update is always the issue…
    Nice phone though

  • simon

    And I suppose you prefer amoled with its saturated radioactive colours and screen burn? Lol

  • simon

    This is the phone to beat imo.

    Sure its screen doesnt have as good viewing angles as the amoled sreen but it doesnt have ridiculous saturated and radioactive colours either. Not to mention screen burn either.
    Its playstation store is going to be awesome with a synced up wireless ps3 pad and hdmi input to a hd tv.
    Lets not forget that its new processor is out performimg quadcore phones.
    Its got nfc, ‘facebook inside xperia’ ajd the sexy arc design too. I am so getting this.

  • umamaheswarao

    what is the cost of sony xperia

  • Osama

    this phone would have been perfect if it had 2 GB of ram, and a more solid exterior like the x10. I agree with Cricket, the back looks walmartish, but im not looking at the back, im looking at the screen. As long as it is fast enough to run JB and play 16GBs of media, and it takes good pictures, and good display, im sold!

  • carlisso

    This phone (non LTE) is selling unlocked on for 315GBP, which is around $500.00 CND.

  • Bryan MacKenzie

    since when is this LTE?

  • squirrel_masher

    All the the software mentioned is already on ARCs and IONs that moved to ICS.

    So I guess speed and curves is about all you get extra. Glad to see they kept the shutter button though

  • tbone

    How on Earth is this phone “nice”? It barely competes with the GS3 (almost a 6 month old device) and with the Nexus 4 around the corner with the Quadcore S4 Pro, this phone is a complete scam if priced anywhere above $400.

    Just cuz it’s doing something “different” doesn’t make it better.

    • Henry

      Because not every phone is competing for the top spot in the mobile industry.

      Galaxy S3 was designed to be the benchmark for Android and to beat iPhone 5.

      Nexus 4 is made for developer for running their apps with pure android expereince coupled with decent spec to last them a year or 2.

      Xperia T was made to be the bond phone with Sony Ericsson design. The decision was made before Sony took over Ericsson. So with all the money invested, Sony need to release it and make a business out of it. They can’t do with the the spec and software then they do with the James Bond marketing.

  • Osama

    why does a phone need a quad core and 2 GB of RAM? I guess if you’re a hardcore gamer, you will need a GS3. But if you just use the phone as a phone and media centre, 1 GB of RAM and 1.5Ghz Dual core should be more than enough, considering I have 256MB RAM, 1.0Ghz, this will be a huge upgrade for me!

  • Kurt

    Don’t mind If I do.



  • K.Sashidhar Reddy

    Lucky me?

  • Saqib

    LOve the phone..honest and nice review.. nothing exaggerated. WOudd love even more when i win it.. haha 🙂

  • Tim

    Hey guys…

    In the review he mention’s that the phone material is made of Aluminum… Hmmm this is the first time I’d heard from anyone that the phone is metal???

    Can anyone confirm this?


  • cody morrison

    My phone is so crappy I would absolutley be extatic if I won this!

  • Sai Tarun Meka

    I love this Bond phone.. wish i get to win one in the mobilesyrup Bell xperia T contest..