CIBC survey says that 47% of Canadians smartphones owners would consider making mobile payments to their credit card


  • gnote

    I’m part of the 53%

    • PhoneInThePool

      You lost me at: “A CIBC survey says that…””

      And a Ford Survey says that now is the best time to buy a car

      And a Canadian Mortgages Association says that Now is the the time to bauy a house and that there is no bubble..

      And the Hog Association of Alberta recommends eating pork to make you smarter…

      And a bank survey says that almost half of Canadians would consider getting a data plan, a new phone and lose privacy and id security in order to ….wait!

  • CraigC

    I personally cannot wait for the day that we only need to carry around a phone/tablet with all of our necessary information electronically. Drivers License, Passport, Health Card, Credit/Debit Cards, etc. I know the technology is here already, but I assume it will take a while for people to come around in terms of security/risk, etc.

    • PhoneInThePool

      ..And then you drop your phone in the pool!!

      The entire,CIBC-ROgers business model is based in making the customer pay extra as in double or triple dipping!
      Buy an NFC phone, buy an NFC tag, Buy an LTE Sim Card, pay more with CIBC accounts, Data required with ROgers, What if your battery is low?
      Then you drop your phone in the pool and you are F@#$$d
      Or somebody will hack into yoru phone when you surf on open Wifi networks. Who will be responsible if there is some fraud? who is going to pay for the new terminals? (you!)
      All the above is one option, or…..What if the power is out New York supermarkets are out of power and only take cash!)

      Or You can use CASH, or debit or Credit cards!

      paying the

    • Piff

      Then move to Japan. They had that for years.

  • holler back girl

    yes..but 100% don’t want to do it through a blackberry….


    • PhoneInThePool

      Why did they add a picture from 2005?

  • RichieRickardo

    Honestly I hope that this service allows for payment through debit cards not just visa alone. Cause honestly its going to fail if its just credit cards. Its just going to be a lure for Rogers and CIBC to use your credit cards and forget to make a payment and earn more money from interest from people. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo it better have debit payments or I wont be using it.

  • TestMe

    I’ll wait until something like this is expanded outside of Blackberry users, outside of Rogers clients, and outside of CIBC Credit Cards.

    Count me in when you decide to include:
    – carries like Wind Mobile
    – devices like Galaxy Nexus
    – Credit Cards like Scotia AMEX or MBNA Mastercard

    Until then, this is pretty useless.

  • Kid.Canada

    Lol until you lose your phone then you’re f*cked cuz NFC has no security bro.

  • Zzz

    Survey made by CIBC for a future CIBC product which looks favorable ?! Que for a “yo dawg” meme

  • Zzz

    On topic though, there are barely enough businesses that use paypass even though the technology has been out for a while, what makes this any better? No more carrying CCs you say? So, you don’t already carry a wallet for a driver’s license, health card, fidelity card, car registration? If you do carry any of those, what’s the problem with carrying a credit card as opposed to this new system and its slew of potential security issues

  • Pete from the Street

    Suuuuure, CIBC…
    I mean, what else are they going to say?

  • MER1978

    “Lol until you lose your phone then you’re f*cked cuz NFC has no security bro.”

    That’s more of a problem than losing the physical card how exactly?

    • PhoneInThePool

      You loose your wallet, you loose your bank card, in most cases you call and cancel and if there is some misuse, the bank protects you. ONE OPTION TO LOSE!

      With NFC, third parties will know youe spending habits, linkingit to your GPS/cell position, they will have your mobile # so now you will have tons of spam calls. you will be exposed when surfing on wi fi networks and already there are tons of apps (specially the free ones) that require access to your contacts etc, it takes only ONE app to get your financial info to make your life hell.

      Or… you just have yoru phone as a phone and your wallet as a wallet.
      This thing is the answer to a question nobody asked!

    • nely

      By the time this becomes mainstream, trust me if you lose your cell phone and all your personal information is in there (drivers license, health card, debit/credit card…) you’ll be able to remotely wipe/destroy/lock forever/cancel that phone within minutes. And it probably won’t be as difficult as it is now to get it back.

  • Ron Mexico

    “CIBC survey says that 47% of Canadians smartphones owners would consider making mobile payments to their credit card”

    Would CONSIDER mobile payments, I’ll CONSIDER anything at all really, will I actually do it?

    Survey is moot.

    • Fruvous

      I just did my own survey and found that 100% are opposed to having to pay a $13 fee to get this to work. Can you imagine a credit card company saying, your next card will cost you $13?

  • vn33

    Count me old fashion, but some how cash, debit and credit cards fulfill my needs right now.
    I don’t like spending extra money on something which lets me spend my money !

  • OgtheDim

    You got this off of newswire, right?

    Can somebody at mobilesyrup please read a basic advertising awareness blog?

    Your inability to parse out puff and spin from real news reduces your credibility.

  • Amy

    oh yes ! I’ve got to have mobile payments now cuz I can’t wait for BIG brother to take control of my life. /sarcasm