Video: Rogers launches the “suretap” mobile payment system, available on BlackBerry devices and coming to Android and Windows Phone 8 “in early 2013”


  • iphoneee

    roger that!

    • PhoneInThePool

      You lost me at Blackberry 9380!

    • PhoneInThePool

      It’s SO “SIMPLE”!!

      1-Get a 9900 or 9380 (If you dare)
      2-Grab an NFC SIM at your local Rogers store
      3-Get a Data plan with Rogers
      4-Open a Credit Card with CIBC (Interest rate unknown)
      5-Download the CIBC Mobile Payment app via BlackBerry World.

      Welcome to the future!!

      Or just can pay with cash debit credit and like you have been doing it for the last 20yrs..but who wants to do that eh?

    • Peter Griffin

      Available on Blackberry devices and coming to Android and Windows Phone 8. Why no iPhone? Oh right…no NFC. HAHAHAHA!!

    • Bobblehead

      Nothing like the Android Tea Party derailing another thread – commonplace around here.

  • James

    Would rather have Google wallet

    • Const

      You just do not understand how it works.
      Rogers role here is same as visa payment terminal in a store.

    • Const

      Please ignore my comment – I put it to wrong post.

  • Joe Blow

    Rogers handling my bank account transfers?
    Not bloody likely!

    • Netguru

      Exactly. At least it is appropriately named. “Suretap” as in Rogers is sure to tap into your bank account.

    • Const

      You just do not understand how it works.
      Rogers role here is same as visa payment terminal in store.

  • d

    Too many hands in the pot.

  • TP

    not that there is anything wrong, but I laughed when it was ‘customers who use NFC-enabled select blackberry under Rogers network with CIBC credit card can try this at select retailer’……

  • Ron Mexico

    Only on Rogers, FAIL
    Only with CIBC, FAIL
    Only on Blackberry, FAIL

    Ya this should do well

  • Darrell

    Three coffees for $2.95?! Is there an introductory Tim Horton’s discount being offered with this? (And they look like large coffees in the pic).

  • Mike

    Is anyone else concerned about what the “convenience fees” are going to be to use this?

    • PhoneInThePool

      As always they Never talk about the small print:
      Do you need a data plan?
      Can you make a payment in the middle of a call?
      What if your phone dies in the middle of a transaction?
      What is the interest rate on the CIBC card?
      How much do you pay per transaction?
      Is that a CIBC Credit card or a VISA credit card?
      If is not a visa, acceptance won’t be wide-available and you will have to take the rest of your credit cards with you anyway.
      So will you end up with some credit cards in your phone and some in your wallet??

      Since you have to take your driving licence anyways,you need your wallet.

      I’m always texting/talking when waiting in line. so now I have to stop that to open the app to pay??
      I can see the HUGE lineups because the phone of the person infront of me has crashed or is not fast enough..just waiting for the phone to reset we are talking about 3 minutes!!
      LOL this “project” has more holes than the plot of LOST!

  • Mike

    Epic fail… can i haz google wallet??

  • John

    No thanks, the two biggest crooks working together sounds like they want more access to my wallet. I would never bank with cibc ever.

  • alex

    Lol… I feel sad every time I see people buy coffee at Tims.
    Such a rip off. But that is for another topic.

  • Lil Wayne

    Who even cares about this garbage? I’ll just use my credit card, thanks thuogh.


  • John

    Oh and three large coffess at tim hortons cost $4.95

  • Samuel

    What I would like is and independent app that will hold all Credit card information regardless of the bank or institution that issued the card. The app should work like paypal or just as easy as buying online, select a card from your wallet and pay with the info on it.

    It should not be limited to a particular bank. I do admit this is a step forward.

  • Rob Edmunds

    Lol. They completed the ‘first mobile credit card payment in Canada’. I guess it just my imagination that I’ve been doing that for the last 8 months with my Galaxy Nexus and Google Wallet…Rogers also conveniently doesn’t mention if there will be a charge for the new nfc-enabled sim cards (also a joke. NFC has nothing to do with Sim cards other than possibly the storage for the cc info). Its a money grab all around, if they wanted to offer the convenience of mobile payments, they’d be better off to partner with Google and enable Google Wallet officially in Canada..

  • DoctorCell

    too fragmented

  • Sun

    Im neither a Rogers fan, not a CIBC fan… but no technology ever came out full guns blazing. A slow rollout allows them to identify and fix bugs as they appear. People on this site should know this better than anyone.

    Try imagining getting the CEOs (or at least Product Managers) of Big 3 + New Entrants, the Big 5 banks, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and every major retailer in a room to hammer out the complexities of an unproven product, for a joint launch.

    By the time this becomes widely available, I’m sure they would have done more about security issues (issues we don’t even know about yet, because it is not a widely tested product in Canada). By then, more carriers will have this available with more financial insitutes, offering different types of cards (Debit, visa, mastercard, AMEX), at many more retailers.

    Everytime someone tries to fulfill the consumer concept of “I want everthing, and I want it all NOW”, they fail miserably.

    Then demand will decide whether this product succeeds or fail.

  • PhoneInThePool

    At a Rogers Meeting:
    “How can we take a system that works, make it more slower, complicated, add obscure fees and double-dip (Double charge) our customers for something thatthey can do now quickly, without a phone, no extra fees and Easily??

    -The guys with the Timmies coffees enter the Room
    -Double double…double dipping! Rogers and a Bank two fees where none existed before! ..we shall call it “SURETRAP”!!

  • Rob Edmunds

    @ Sun

    Someone has already done all that. Maybe you’ve heard of them. They’re called Google.

    • Sun

      Good point Rob,

      Which makes for an even better point… let there be multiple providers of this service.

      If the Rogers service fails, let it fail due to the market choosing the Google Wallet.

      I would only object it to if Rogers and CIBC Visa decided to make this relationship exclusive, excluding the likes of Google Wallet. Until then, good on them for trying something new. Now lets see if they can position it competitively.

      Lastly, the technology is being freely given away. Most of these guys have to develop it from some level onwards. Hence a slow rollout.

      I’m absolutely certain that the folks are Google are much smarter, have more resources and are more connected than those at Rogers or CIBC 😀

    • Sun

      correction… the technology is NOT* being given away freely.

  • Wilbour

    I hope the “Presto” people are not working on this tap and pay system. Just ask OC Transpo

  • Larry

    Yawwwwnnnn. These people have obviously never used PayPass in Canada. It works at one in ten locations, if at all. Why I ask about it, the typical cashier response is “Oh that never works.”.

  • tommy

    Whitfield Sucks!

  • abc123

    Rogers just loves reinventing the wheel.

    First we had Rogers One Voice (A google voice clone), now we have suretap, a google wallet clone.

    I can see the Rogers commercials for this already. It will be the same as the One Voice where they convince you that it was their idea and they are the only ones that have it.

    Google should come into Canada destroy this company. I welcome it.

  • OgtheDim

    I’m trying to figure out why pulling out your phone and getting it to the right screen is less difficult then getting out a debit card?

    Or cash even?

  • Mastiff78

    Why can’t they just partner with Google and introduce Google Wallet officially in Canada? Google Wallet is what we consumers want, and not some Suretap whatever that is.

  • RogersElise

    Hi all

    To all of you who are wondering about extra fees, I can tell you that there are no additional fees for this service. Our new mobile payments service simply takes a client’s existing CIBC Visa or MasterCard and moves it to their Rogers smartphone. Clients will be able to make payments anywhere contactless payments are accepted. Rogers will charge the card issuer a small fee for “renting” the SIM.

    I can see also some comments about NFC. We chose this technology because NFC, Near Field Communication, is a radio technology communication allowing to bring two devices in close proximity of one another to exchange data and transactions. In the case of mobile payments, the smart phone transfers information to a payment terminal to complete a financial transaction.

    • haxor99

      Monthly rental fee for the SIM? No thanks.

    • RogersElise

      The charge is to the bank, not to customers. Customers will have *no” fee for using this service.

    • abc123

      “Rogers will charge the card issuer a small fee for “renting” the SIM. ”

      And do you seriously think the card issuer is going to eat these costs?

      Card issuer is probably going to charge the merchant a higher percentage which, in turn, get passed to the consumer.

      So however you hide these charges, it ultimately comes back to us.

  • Fruvous

    $13 for an NFC SIM? No thanks.

  • BustANut


    Wow, thanks for defining NFC…

    NFC is built into the devices themselves for a reason. We shouldn’t need to rent sim cards from Rogers.. Doesn’t matter anyway as this won’t gain any traction becasue people don;t care. All this does is complicate my making a payment to a vendor.

    Oh, and if Rogers was really interested in bringing this type of service to Canada they should have just partnered with Gogole instead of wasting thier time on this joke.

  • Rob Edmunds

    @ RogersElise

    In the same paragraph, you say that there will be no extra fees to the consumer AND there will be a small fee for ‘renting’ the Sim. Typical Rogers….. Elise, I know you are told what to write by your supervisors, but even you have to admit how asinine that paragraph is….

  • Rob Edmunds

    Whoops, after rereading the original post, I realize the charge is to the provider ( CIBC ). But I believe there is still a charge to switch SIM cards, correct ?

    • RogersElise

      Hi Rob. Existing 9900 and 9360 customers would have to update their SIM cards, and there would be a charge of $12.99.
      However, as of today, customers who buy a new BlackBerry 9900 or 9360 get the new NFC embedded SIM card.

  • Fruvous

    So how does this SIM card thing work? Do I need to choose between having LTE service and NFC service or is the NFC SIM also capable of LTE?

    • RogersElise

      NFC is not a technology based on data, it’s based on radio communications. At this point, the BlackBerry 9900 and 9360 are not LTE-enabled devices, so there is no NFC enabled LTE SIM card right now. But in the long term, for sure it will happen.

    • Fruvous

      Exactly!!!! If NFC has nothing to do with data at all, then why do I even need a new SIM to use this?

  • Johentie

    it has to start somewhere… NFC is growing and u will all be using NFC for everything whether u like it or not..

    maybe in the future there won’t be as many players and it’ll come straight from the bank..

    just like how i use NFC with my credit card at the gas station.

  • Peter Griffin

    Available on Blackberry devices and coming to Android and Windows phone. Why no iPhone? Oh right…no NFC. HAHAHAHA!!

    • Peter Griffin

      LOL, why bother adding any features to the phone when the iSheep will line up either way?

  • Steve Dion

    Wow blackberries… Who cares, why not wait to 2013 to launch the program. Only 95% of people own iOS or Android devices…. Seriously, who manages these companies! This is what happens when you let the marketing dept make decisions.

  • Sweet

    I used to be a big fan of NFC, until I discovered that NFC is a major security risk and a hacker’s delight. Read up on NFC tags. Depending on how you have your NFC configured, a hacker can come by with an NFC tag, put it near your phone causing your phone’s browser to head to a rogue site that will mine info from your phone or worse. No action required on your part, other than enabling & configuring NFC on your phone and turning your phone on.

    I’m curious about what would happen if someone put a rogue NFC tag on an NFC-enabled payment terminal. Which would your phone connect to ?

    If I end up getting a phone with NFC, you can be sure I’ll be disabling the damn thing, and hoping someone doesn’t hack into my phone to re-enable it.

    BTW, yes, Android has had many security holes in their NFC implementation. I don’t know about Blackberry.

  • pisidan

    Leave to rogers to be the
    first to have a way of taking your money faster..figures!

  • lei

    wow, during that time, my phone will ringing all the time, they know my information, and they want to sale more staff to me. I do like Rogers, they always mass my phone bill, and I do not like CIBC

  • Bryant

    Why do new bold 9900 customers get the secure SIM for free, but us early adopters, the ones who paid you the most $$ for the handset get the shaft and have to pay $13?

    Someone really messed this one. Let’s launch a service and instead of getting users using it, make them pay money.

    That will really get people to adopt this.