Google: 2.7% of Android devices now run Jelly Bean, 25.8% have Ice Cream Sandwich


  • Sai

    At least ICS is in the 25%.

  • GNexUser

    Galaxy Nexus in Canada flashed to Yakju running Jellybean 4.1.2

    It will be interesting to see how soon after the November 13th 4.2 release we get it (likely not long). And then how many more weeks and months it takes Samsung Mobile Canada to release 4.2 for those Canadians running yakjuux.

    • Ruter

      From now on all my phones will be Nexus!

      Fastest updates, lowest price, Maximum value and highest reselling value! Sucks that they don’t have SD card slot anymore but, There is no way I’m paying $250 more just for that and get slower upgrades.

  • Acco

    It’s sort of shameful that almost 75% of all android phones run an OS that’s 2 or more years old. Biggest downfall. But, I’ll stick to my Nexii.

  • Nathaniel James

    ICS will be the new gingerbread in an estimate of 3 months once the Jellybean is released for the compatible upgradale phones. 😀

  • Boizo Zee Claun

    Hey, kids! The word of the day is FRAGMENTATION!

  • WLN

    I’m an android lover, even though I do use a droid and an iphone both as my primary (if you can call having two primary) phones.

    Android is obviously easily more powerful, but, damn the fragmentation of the os is a stinger.

  • Heru

    Mine is at ICS on HTC One X, awaiting for JB upgrade impatiently

  • gnote

    Get off your wallet and upgrade. Fragmentation is a good thing.

  • boo


  • Lyn Scott

    Me: 4.1.2 Galaxy NEXUS
    Wife: 4.0.3 Galaxy S2
    Son: 2.3.4 Galaxy ACE

  • Chris

    I am the 2.7%

  • What’s with Android?

    IOS6….75%. Apple wins again.

    • Allan

      So that means 75% of iPhone users are still waiting for an untethered jailbreak.

  • Alex

    I lol’d!

  • S2556

    my motorola milestone has been used actively for the past 8 months (when ever the S3 came out) and it is rooted on CM7 (ginger bread) so it really shouldnt be counted but it is because its a tank of a phone

  • Jeremy

    4.1.2 Galaxy Nexus(Yakju)
    4.1.2 Nexus 7

  • screamer

    The problem is to many devices out there

  • Tim3tripp3r

    Moto D2g on GB 2.3.4
    Moto Xoom on ICS soon to been JB one way or the other.

  • rick

    On my Nexus S, I have tried Gingerbread, ICS and Jellybean. I downgraded to Gingerbread because its the fastest, has the best battery life and has no bugs.

    I like the unlocked and rooted Google Nexus S because I can choose what rom I want.

    Fragmentation can be a good thing…

    • monsterduc1000

      @rick: You should try CyanogenMod or Slim ICS crespo 4.2. Totally stable and the battery is fantastic. I personally use CM9 as JB roms just don’t cut it on the Nexus S yet, although CM10 has made some huge strides. Can’t wait to try the 4.2 updates though!!! =D

  • Doug

    I used to look at these lists and wonder why am I still on 4.0.1

  • Michael

    I’m still on Gingerbread since Motorola lied about giving the Atrix, the phone they once claimed to be the most powerful in the world, an update to ICS.

  • Vin

    I Still Have Nexus One which is working very good, I am a huge fan of Nexus series and Proud owner of Nexus One (running 2.3.6 Gingerbread) & Nexus 7 (running 4.1.2 JB). I skiped Nexus S and Galaxy S but I am definately going to order Nexus 4 on Nov 13th.

  • Vin

    I mean Galaxy Nexus**

  • fragmented

    Apple is just as fragmented… You have ios6 full, neutered, and lite. No siri or nav for the 4 and even less for the 3gs. The ipad mini gets siri but the ipad 2 with the same specs does not. So are they really all on the same OS??? Gingerbread is still a full version of android, as is froyo. So really who cares that 75% or on ios6!! What they should really ask is how many wished they stayed on ios5.

    • Jack

      The difference is that iOS users upgrade. Apple puts such a marketing hoopla around OS upgrades that users do … faster than any other platform.

  • John

    4.1.2 on my Telus S2X

    JB is far better than ICS

  • mjolnir

    Got a question, does this data count for rooted/s-off devices? I am running cm10 jb 4.1.2 on my sensation

  • Stuntman

    I happen to still be very happy with my SGS3 and Transformer TF101 running ICS. I don’t care that JB isn’t on my devices yet.

  • Auxiliarypost

    I’m in the 2.7%. Galaxy Nexus running Paranoid Android (CM10) Wow I feel different.