Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean combine for 25% of total Android users: Google


  • Gus

    That percentage sounds like it’s just about time for KLP and a new Nexus device.

  • graham

    Does this count those phones that were promised ICS?

    *looks at his Incredible S, from a distance*

    • Sean

      The Incredible S did get an ICS update just not in Canada

    • Wes

      looks like it’s ur lucky day! check above article… 🙂 wishing my lg optimus 2x will someday see an upgrade.

  • RC

    People should only buy Nexus branded Android devices.
    Only stock Android – none of the TouchWiz or HTC Sense crap.

    • Brad F

      And only the Yakju variant, not Yakjuxw.

    • RC

      Even the non-yakju variants in Canada has Jelly Bean now – earlier than most newer phones including the GS3

    • Stuntman

      Let me know where I can find a Nexus phone with a landscape keyboard slider and I’ll buy one.

  • vlachos

    While nexus devices are ok they do not have external storage and are very plain. They don’t appeal to a lot of non techies. I know a few people on nexus that are still on 4.0 because they don’t know how to upgrade and their carrier has not offered an OTA yet. Nexus have ho hum specs always. Maybe that will change with this years devices but I doubt it. Will vanilla android ever support external sd card e. That’s why I ultimately chose sgs3 to be honest I need the storage.

  • Milpool

    I received my ICS OTA update back on April 5th, and my Jelly Bean OTA update sometime in late July.

  • skinnypig

    Great job MobileSyrup calling it as it is. Many other news sites always paint a rosy picture and emphasize how many devices are on ICS/JB but they don’t look at the flip side where the real concern is which is that so many devices are still stuck on Gingerbread. They also make it sound like such a great thing that devices are seeing ICS now *after* JB has been out for 3 months? No, it’s not great, they should have had ICS *before* JB comes out.

  • Wes

    This is the exact reason why I hate Android, and I have to give Apple credit. There’s so much fragmentation with Android! I have the LG opt 2x and I’m stuck on Gingerbread, honestly that sucks! No ICS no JB, which is a bummer. Looking back I should have gotten the Nexus S, at least I would will have JB on my phone.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my phone, and Android is great, but the multiple layers that delay up dates (Google, Manufacturer, Service provider) is frustrating.

    Note to self: Get a Nexus phone, or give Windows a try!

    Sorry for the little rant. It’s annoying to have the first dualcore stuck at Gingerbread, and it’s no fault on Google/Android.

  • Alex


  • imrangr1

    It’s sad that the Android upgrade process is very slow due to manufacturer and carrier bloatware insertion but Gingerbread OS is still better than all other non-Android mobile OS in terms of functionalities, customization and compatibility with other devices.

  • IBL

    holy f’n pathentic

    • IBL

      pathetic too

  • jonny

    that is why i will always buy a nexus device

  • Rew4rdz

    Meanwhile iOS 6 adoption rates dwarf that of ICS/JB.

  • Ryan P

    I bought my Nexus S (ICS) with Telus in July and I have yet to receive the Jelly Bean OTA update. No matter how much checking or what tricks I use to force the update, still nothing.

    This is the area where Android really has to improve in the coming future. I shouldn’t be forced to root/flash my phone to get a simple update.

  • situashaun

    I just switched from Apple to Android and that is the one thing that it made me it hard for me to switch. Many of the apple devices get the upgrade together, downloading was easy. Even the 3GS Now I have the SG3 which obviously is a fairly new device and I’m still waiting

  • Cell Hell

    I do find my phone more responsive now. Jelly bean is a definite improvement. Alas, now that I’m using the phone more I find the battery life of the Nexus is bloody awful.