32GB HSPA+ Nexus 7 available to Canadians November 13th for $309


  • lukeiphone

    Why no LTE?

    • GoogleVoice

      Because LTE drains your battery and offers not a real advantage (faster speeds with low battery life) are less than longer download waits with longer battery.

    • GoogleVoice

      Playbook just dropped to $89.99

    • GoogleVoice

      “Im Sorry” Google: I accept (don’t understand) the $10 to Canadian prices because we say thank you and Sorry to everything, but the

      NEXUS 7 $32GB is $249 in Walmart and Staples in the USA while in Canada is $310??? WTF! for $60 I can buy something, maybe not another tablet but one or two BB Playbooks!

      All other prices seem to be $10 extra in Canada but the 32GB Nexus 7 is $60 more…wonder if it will get adjusted?

    • John

      All of a sudden LTE is a disadvantage…interesting…

    • YeahOk

      @GoogleVoice – Please read, it states that it is $309 for Wifi + Mobile, the one in the states for $249 is just wifi.

    • Steve Jobs

      Your Interneting Wrong

  • GoogleIt

    I think its Game Over for the iPad Mini.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      Yup, Apple might as well shut the company down and give the money back to the shareholders. Because that worked out so well for the last person who said that.

    • John

      I think you’re dreaming in technicolor.

      People buy iPad’s because they want an iPad not because they want a tablet.

  • Jules

    Nexus 10 all the way ! And 100 $ less expensive than the new iPad ! Definitely the iPad killer, and great design

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @Jules “Definitely the iPad killer, and great design”

      Remember when the Zune was an iPod killer?

      Remember when the Palm Pre was an iPhone killer?

      Remember when the original Galaxy Tab was an iPad killer?

      Yeah, what ever happened to those?

  • DrBadass

    Holy s**t that is cheap….

    • bazinga

      cheap? you mean inexpensive 😉

  • Tom

    I really think 16GB (versus 32) is plenty, unless you want to load lots of video.

    I guess the lack of LTE is in order to keep price down, and because LTE is so fragmented that they would need to sell three different versions (at least).

    I’m fairly sympathic to the cost reason as the price of this thing is great. If you want LTE there are other tablets (including Android ones) available, but they will all cost you more.

  • MapleHamwich

    So good! Go Google, this is a great day!

  • JCLG

    $309 for a 32GB N7 w/ HSPA+ connectivity, or $559 for a 32GB iPad mini w/ LTE connectivity.

    Freakin’ no-brainer, here!

    Might pre-order me an N7…

    The N10’s screen looks gorgeous, but without cellular connectivity, there’s no real reason for me to abandon my CyanoPad.

  • Sam

    Rip apple 😉

  • Sam

    If you are an iSheep show me thumb down!

    • Brad F(anboy)

      I prefer to have respect for others and reserve the thumb down for posts that don’t contribute to the conversation rather than for posts I don’t agree with.

  • Crunk

    I dunno, LTE is worth a premium… it’s why I have a shiny new iPhone 5 instead of an iPhone 4s.

  • Dan

    Looks like Magazines have been added too! Its about time.

  • John

    Low price to make up for low quality apps.

  • iPhoneFinished

    This is definitely the beginning of the end for Apple’s “Innovation” Ideas … Like what’s true about “fruits”, eventually, they do rot. Apple had the “bloom”, its now time to step down and accept “true” innovation.

  • A guy with a question

    This is a colossally newbish question, but – is it possible to have a tablet on a cell data plan also be associated with a phone number? I’ve been thinking about joining the 21st century for a while now, and replacing my land-line with a cell phone (replacing just to keep costs down.) However, if I could have a tablet that acted as my phone via blue-tooth headset, I’d be pretty happy.

    • Sai

      @A Guy With A Question

      I’m pretty sure you can connect a bluetooth headset and just use an app to make calls on data. Nothing else really

    • Dalex

      Yeah, you can pop in your compatible sim card in the tablet no problem. It will let you receive and make calls no problem. Just have to see what kind of SIM the Nexus 7 takes, whether its a regular sim or micro sim and then see with your provider if you need a different sim.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      The problem with that is that most tablets only know how to access the data part of the network, and aren’t made to take advantage of the voice/text part of the network.

  • Sai

    I bought one with 16 GB not knowing that this would be around.. NOOOO!

    • GoogleVoice

      At that price, simply remove the “phone app” and make it a dumb tablet, book reader, youtube surfer, video player in the car, recipes in the kitchen, Karmasutra position in the bedroom, etc etc.

      Then you just buy a second one! You earned it for being a well informed person!

      Now if you are planning to buy a $720 surface or a Lumia 920…you need help!

  • DJD

    And now I will say good bye to my PlayBook!

  • A guy with a question

    @Sai Yeah, I knew that option existed. I’m just not sure of my carrier’s policy on 3rd party voice apps over data, and was hoping (most certainly vainly) that there would be a native call method available on the xG enabled tablets.

  • Steve

    Would all the new N7 come with Micro HDMI?

  • Ray

    Do you think the HSPA+ model will be compatible with Wind and Mobilicity networks?

    • Bruce

      HSPDA 1700 and 2100

      Should work with wind.

  • Crunk

    Can’t believe I got downvoted for noting that I think LTE is worth quite a bit (as it future-proofs your device).

  • oldschool

    To those who think 3G and 32GB is going to help this thing outsell the iad/ipad Mini, keep dreaming. The few dozen fandroids trolling MS are not going to bury Apple.

    Most kids/parents buying an ipad couldn’t tell you what a GB or 3G is. I’m no fan of Apple believe me, I happily no longer own a single Apple device.

    Unfortunately they have mastered marketing the iOS product line, and the reality is the ipads, as well as all the other iOS devices, will fly off the shelves this xmas, NOT the 32GB 3G N7.

    Also, the N7 suffers from shoddy workmanship, and anyone who’s held one can’t even deny it.

    • A guy with a question

      My wife has a 16 gig N7. It’s actually quite nice. It’s pleasantly light, the back grip is nice, the buttons feel like they’re in the right place. What, precisely, is the shoddy worksmanship you’re talking about?

  • Thrasher

    Can this be used as a phone?

  • Steve

    Would all the new N7 come with Micro HDMI???

  • DeeDawg62

    Just ordered a 16 GB wi-fi for my daughter – I hope she lets me play with it. 🙂

  • lol

    anyone know which version of android this will come with?

    • lol

      lol why is there a picture of a little boy next to me message?


    @Steve I don’t think the Nexus 7 comes with HDMI out but next year a new upcoming technology will allow you to stream audio/video via your wifi connection to your HDTV!!!

  • Steve

    Thank you for the info. Is there any usb-HDMI cable I can use on the N7 in order to watch movie on the HDTV?

  • user

    Just got the 32GB Nexus 7 at BestBuy. It comes with Android 4.1.1 out of the box but gets 4.1.2 update right away. Google also gives you a few free magazine, books and movies.

  • Jack

    is this the one that Phil Schiller did his funny math on, claining that adding .85″ suddenly increases the viewing area by 35%? The figure that Apple fantatics are quoting religiously.

    “7” tablets are bad … iPad mini is 7.85″ and that’s gloriously wonderful. Look the screen is sooo much bigger!!!”

  • ActivesiN

    There is no helping the sheep, so let’s just enjoy the good stuff and leave them be

  • DS

    will this work with koodo ?

  • Crunk

    I don’t know the exact aspect ratio of these dimensions and my math isn’t so good, but a back of the envelope calculation indicates that the iPad Mini at least 25% larger (imagine a 18.08 by 10.17 tablet versus a 16 by 9 tablet – the first tablet is more than 27% larger in viewing area but only 13% larger in vertical length)

  • Crunk

    Diagonal length, of course*

  • Moe

    Thank you Google for bringing the consumer an affordable HSPA 7″ tablet. wish screen was 4:3, but other wise, glad with the offering

    Thank you Google

  • Minispeed

    No LTE since it isn’t doesn’t work with the tegra 3 quad core processor. Also 700mhz LTE isn’t out in Canada yet and the band hasn’t even been auctioned off to the wireless providers. If you need the fastest wireless download speeds you’ll have a lot more devices to chose from when that comes out.

  • Albert Jann

    Yesterday I played with 16GB version of N7 and Acer Iconia A110 at local FutureShop. I was very impressed by N7 and it’s very pity Google/Asus didn’t include MicroSD capability. I cheeked N7’s GPS abilities by “GPS Test” and was very surplices when it locked on 10 GPS sources deep into FutureShop store. I was much less impressed from Acer A110 because of its quite fuzzy LCD. N7 definitely not “shoddy workmanship” as oldschool claims. Just now I discovered cellular version of N7 with 32Gb and for sure I’m going for it. Wow, we are living in very interesting times!!!

  • budd

    Is the nexus 7 3G really available in Canada, if so where do I order it from in Canada

  • Drew B

    Loving this I already have a nice unlmitied 6 gig plan through Virgin Mobile ( which is Bell Canada in a nut shell ) I can either merge or tether with my HTC Desire ( with Jelly Bean on it now ) and be sailing 🙂 …my onlyu question did I read this right ? It is Mobile based and “WIFI” ?

  • Derrick

    How do I get my 3g data to work on my nexus 7 in Canada?