75% of all smartphones shipped in Q3 2012 were Android


  • Thomas

    iPhone people were waiting for the new iPhone, obvs.

    • Really?

      Think about what you just said. Now think about it again.

    • Ruter

      Blackberry will be lucky if they end Q4 above 3%, then for Q1 they will be in the 2% fighting with Symbian!

      BB9900 for $630 (Telus)in November 2012??
      BB9790 for $375 (Koodo) $15 more than N4?
      Time to slash prices by at least 40% if they want to sell a few phones!
      To those BB supporters that state that tons of teenagers buy BBs; watch them change their BBs for N4-8GB Nexus at $300!!
      $75 Less than a 9790!

  • PR

    140% for windows phone 7 wow!

    to be honest i would rather support windows phone 7 than iphone in the work place, the iphone has some ridiculous EAS issues

    • Slappy

      Easy to do when you sell so few phones I guess.

  • Alex

    What a big changes in just one year!

    I’m an android guy, but this time next year I can see Blackberry and Windows based phones having a dramatic increase in market share.

  • Skumon

    Shipped not sold* which is obvious because Apple’s build to buy time is really low and there’s load of junk android garbage that will never sell.

    Also this was on the last quarter before iPhone refresh, once again, obviously.

    • Adam

      Do you really think these phones that were shipped won’t sell?

      THey’ll all sell, they’ll all sell this quarter. Phones don’t sit on a shelf for 3 months, I know, I work for a cell provider.

  • zzzZZZZzz

    Most of the phones made today are running Android. It’s pretty hard to find “dumbphones” anymore. I have only a couple at my store, the rest being smartphones starting at 100$ running Android.

    While it’s true Android is stealing marketshare from RIM and maybe Symbian and/or iOS, let’s not kid ourselves: the most marketshare is stolen from feature phones.

    (disclaimer: I am an Android fan)

  • BlackBerry Ganster

    Actually, RIM came out with the 9320 this year.

  • Shaggyskunk

    100% of dumba$$ drone phones sold were iphones

  • Greg Monalis

    No surprises here. Android has been eagerly accepted, and has been steadily growing for a couple of years now, and will continue doing so.

    Symbian is dead, let’s face it. Nobody really wants it anymore. It had its share of the limelight, but now it time to bow out.

    iOS is boring, and has looked the same for 5+ years. Yawn! A lot of sales are based on “hype” and a “me-too” behaviour, fueled by agressive marketing. There is nothing real about that, and it won’t last much longer, unless something about an IPhone changes dramatically.

    BlackBerry has been MIA for quite some time. 9900 was the last device woth mentioning, and it’s been so long ago, that nobody really cares anymore. I am waithing to see BB10 in early 2013.

    Windows Phone is just getting started, and will grow in leaps and bounds. It’s new, it’s exciting, it’s functional, yet it’s still in its infancy, so a few things are missing. Win8 looks like it’s getting there, but I would really put my money on Win9, which should finally be fine-tuned, and ready for big leagues.

    Personally, I am most excited about where Android will take us next, and how much potential Windows has going into the future.

    • ZombieAlive!

      You are pretty much on point, Greg. I am probably one of the few here who still has a Symbian phone (Nokia). I will try to squeeze one more year out of it, and then see what the next version of windows phone has to offer. I am already sold on win8, but we all know that win9 (as you called it), will pack a bigger punch.

      I love Nokia’s build quality, its style, and the way the phone holds the signal. Battery life is also quite something.

      Symbian to win9 would be an amazing move!
      Can not wait!

    • Peter

      Maybe Windows Phone will grow by leaps and bounds. It is a good OS and it the world of Windows desktop is converging. But to all the people who assume Microsoft is guaranteed to succeed because they’re Microsoft, I have two little words:

      Windows Mobile.

  • roman

    Sadly the vast majority of them aren’t really Android phones, but Touchwiz phones or Sense phones, or phones.

  • TKG26

    roman ? Common really? Troll much?

  • HikerCA

    And yet 85% of profits go to Apple, ummm, yeah Android is really #WINNING 😉

    • Steve Marco

      You’ve paid a premium price for a non-premium product, and your money went to a corporation that you have zero connection with, aside from that overpriced piece of glass, plastic, and aluminum that you are holding in your hand. You won’t see any personal benefit from wasting so much money, yet you are happy that the Apple executives can eat lobster for dinner tonight.

      Umm, did you just unintentionally call yourself stupid? :-/

      And then you added a hash tag, hahaha!
      Oh boy! Our generation 😀

    • Peter

      You do know they get those profits by gouging fanboys like you, right? Chincing on hardware, charging excessive premiums and doing the usual reality distortion field. “Look over here, iSheep … magic, magic magic!”

  • Alex

    I don’t like this winner take all approach to everything. Selection is key to competition. Sure Androids are all loving like evolutionists and iOS’ are creationist, and Win8 peeps are Gideons…But we can all live together!

  • Matt

    Pretty dumb comment that all profit goes to apple. Sure apple makes the most on hardware sales, but that isn’t the only revenue stream in mobile nor an argument for what is better. If anything, you should realize how over priced apple tech is. Get a nexus 4, cheap, no contract and miles ahead in terms of functionality.

  • HikerCA

    Well Steve, back in ’99 a guy by the name of Guy Kawasaki convinced me to part with $5000 to invest in a struggling computer maker no one expected to survive 12 months. I gather you didn’t. Umm, did you just unintentionally call yourself an i***t? :-\
    Hope you enjoy living in your mom’s basement 😀

    • Ron Mexico

      Ya, sure you did. You’re a baaa-ad liar, baaa-ad

  • Miknitro

    That little green guy gets some legs under him.

  • Carter Loose

    Well that’s mainly because people were wating for the iphone 5

  • screamer

    Blackberry is dead and iPhone has also a hard time because after releasing the iPhone 5 people bought the galaxy s3. Everybody I guess had an iPhone. But after a while it was boring or?

    • Peter

      What? RIM’s shut their doors and gone out of business? And Apple didn’t sell any iPhone 5s?

      Wow … thanks for enlightening everyone!

  • MD

    Big Brother is watching. Google..it’s gotta go

  • justsayin

    And out of that 75% , 95% were junk .

    • Ron Mexico

      Ya, and that slab of aluminum that just guided you into a river instead of your house with it’s Map App is top notch

  • InfinitiGuy

    Windows Phone?

  • Olerius

    1.5% of phones sold are running Linux? What phone(s) is/are those?

  • Ken

    I think the next biggest thing in the future will be the “Smoke Signals” operating system built into a 4 by 4 inch blanket smartphone. LOL