Google and LG officially announce the Nexus 4, available in Canada November 13th


  • It’s all about the Nexus!

    It’s all about the Nexus!

    • GoogleVoice

      This Changes…everything!

      Bye bye ROBELUS!
      Canadians will truly become BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) -shoppers:

      iphone 5-32GB for $280 on THREE YR, min of $50 per month!!!
      -Or $360 NO CONTRACT, Any PLAN!!
      -Unlocked! no more $35 unlocking fee
      -Direct upgrades from GOOGLE; no Bloatware, no delays in updates!
      -Highest Re-selling Value!

      This will make drop the price of the iPhone 5 to $99-199 and
      the S3 to $450-500 (Telus has a Starting Device Balance: $491 for the 16GB model)

      Now if Canaday could ban the 3yr contracts like the rest of the world…

    • GoogleVoice

      Not happy because is too big and bulky
      Not happy because it doesn’t have an SD card slot

      EXTREMELY HAPPY about the specs, the value, re-selling value and at $360 for the 16 GB you can’t go wrong! I’m buying it!

      The current Nexus at 16GB -$350 is not such a goof deal anymore
      The Current S2 and S2x at $300 is not such a good deal anymore either
      (they have SD card but the low resolution kills me)

    • GoogleVoice

      The only thing that could trump this phone is the Bell- Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE,

      Has SD card, HD screen and if you disconnect the LTE a great battery, but its price would have to drop to $300-$350 to make it worth it. Tops!

      Even if the S3 drops to $500, the N4 will kill it!
      The S3 would have to drop to $450 max! to justify the $100 just to get an SD card..and slower updates.

    • GoogleVoice

      You can get a NExus 10 Tablet with 16GB for $410 AND
      a Nexus 4 with 8GB for $310 for a total price of $720!!

      Ooor a Surface (Microsoft Tablet plus keyboard)for $720!

      This makes the Surface DOA and kills the mini-ipad ($320 plus extra cables at $30 a pop) and any $600 phones.

      They better start churning them by the Millions!!
      Hope they out of stok…then re-stock, run out and then manage to meet demand by Xmas!

    • GoogleVoice

      Wonder about the price with Rogers:
      $360 No contract
      $350 1 yr contract
      $299 2 yr contract
      $129 3 yr contract min $50 per month..(and then the others..)

      Bring Your Own Device-Has Arrived to Canada!!

    • GoogleVoice

      My post above was intended to be a joke but:
      Tmobile un the USA just “released” the Nexus 4 (retail value $350 there) for $199 on a two yr contract!!

      So if they do that in the US of A imagine what ROBELUS will do!
      (They usually go: the same or $100 plan on THREE yr)

      Thanks again Google for letting us buy directly from you!

  • RaichuTM25

    Funny how they dropped LG and just named it the Nexus4.
    Kinda makes me want to get one now.

    • A

      so if it breaks, who fixes it? Its a google phone, so does google?

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    the most important thing is left out…price!

  • Varroa

    No pricing yet?

  • SJG

    No LTE?

    • GoogleVoice

      The NEXUS is an ambassador phone to Googole/Android; its about offering the best possible Android experience.

      There is no “experience” if the battery of your phone is dead! That’s why they didn’t put LTE!!

      Just came back from Germany, Italy, Austria: They have the same HSPA+ standard at 21Mbps, and I was getting 16-17 all the time!!

      If you try that in North America is a fraction of that..because they want you to use the LTE network. that should be times faster than HSPA, you will be lucky if you get 40Mbps in Toronto at times!
      I prefer battery life over an icon that says LTE thank you!
      Maybe the next Nexus will have a next gen LTE Radio that doesn’t suck battery!

      No LTE?? – Thanks you Nexus! you put that effort in a great price and a 2100mAh battery!

    • John

      No LTE it is “HSPA+”

    • some guy

      You won’t see a Nexus with LTE likely until a reasonably priced SOC is released with LTE radios on board. Currently LTE capable handsets have the HSPA SOC (with cpu, gpu and HSPA) onboard with a secondary LTE radio chipset. Problem is this is not efficient, thus the high battery drain.

      HSPA+ is quick enough for me and apparently many other people. I agree with GoogleVoice, I’ll take the longer battery life over a faster loading web-page.

      Just my $0.02

    • A

      the problem with LTE is its only North America that is really driving it. Europe is starting to but no where near to the extent that North America is pushing it. The biggest benefit to LTE is that its a data only network for now until the folks get VoLTE up and running so your not competing with voice for the bandwidth, better for the data loving smartphones.

      As HSPA (or UMTS) fills up, the data speeds get slow and the consistency gets poor, that’s where LTE will shine.

      just my thoughts.. but hey, each to their own.

  • kad

    really hope it is pentaband 3g

  • ihitmyheadalot

    lets listen to all the fandroids talk about how awesome this is.. when its really nothing but a crappy LG phone with no lte support. Im all for talking about apples miscomings when folks are equally as quick to do the same about android handsets too… doesnt ever seem the way around here though.

    • D

      Its 349 outright dumb dumb. What phone can you get for this price new?

    • But it’s a NEXUS

      BUT IT’S A NEXUS DEVICE!!! Wireless charging included!! LOOK AT THE SPECS minus LTE! Looks kinda sexy with that matrix backing too.

    • anona

      Quad-Core S4, 2GB RAM, 720p Screen, 8MP camera. At $369 Canadian? Even without LTE, that’s very impressive.

    • GoogleVoice

      It’s actually $360 in Canada:
      Remember even if our dollar is higher, its more expensive to buy, books, cars, computers, food, milk, phones, houses, meat….

  • Ghoul

    Now announce it at a fair price for both models, and allow Canadians to order it from Google Play and I’m sold

    • GoogleVoice

      Your wish has been granted!

      …Now could you ask for no more 3yr contracts??

  • beuh_dave

    No AWS version?

    • BT

      It supports AWS, no need for a separate version.

  • Dalex

    I can’t go back to a non LTE device… Sigh… I guess it’s another non nexus year for me…

    Oh also, does it have to look so bland? Can’t they take design cues from HTC or Sony or something.

    • some guy

      I think LG needs to worry about making sure this device is a solid performing Nexus. If it works, then worry about making it look fancier.

  • dadadan

    The lack of LTE is a bit disappointing. Besides that the specs looks great. Seems like a bit of updated Galaxy Nexus. Hopefully there’s more in 4.2.

    I bet an LTE version will appear later or in another Nexus device.

  • Blah

    Man! I gotta get me two of these!

  • oil5darling

    Engadget has the price: 299 (8gb)/ 349 (16gb) and seems like that will be the Canadian price too.

    Great Great pricing.

  • Troy

    From The Verge, USD:

    The device will sell for $299 with 8GB of storage, or $349 with 16GB.

  • Tyler

    US Pricing via Engadget: pricing set for $299 (8GB) / $349 (16GB).

  • JellyBeaned

    Am I the only one who’s drooling over the BATTERY?!? 2100mAh Li-polymer? 15 hours talk time? almost 2 WEEKS standby? Why aren’t people all over this?

    • migo

      People all are over it, it’s just hard to decide what to be all over, because there’s so much goodness for the price.

  • Jim R

    Two points to Google for finally hearing our anguished pleas.

  • Ghoul

    Holy s**t only $350? That’s insane, day 1 purchase, I’d saved up $550 so far for the thing too good to know I can throw some money back in my bank account 🙂

    • Ghoul

      Or I’ll order a 32GB Nexus 7 to go with it

  • rikin

    I am buying two of these on November 13th.

  • David

    At that price? Those specs? 8MP camera?! Ahhhhhhh I’m totally getting this!

  • Henaway

    My only gripe, no microSD. Even 16gb goes pretty fast these days with the size of some of these games. And if you shoot a lot of pics, instant upload will eat your data pretty fast too.

    • GoogleVoice

      I hear you!
      This phone would have been a Flop if it wasn’t for the amazin price!

      I have ZERO interest in the cloud/getting a data plan. Sucks if I drop the phone. I will simply charge the phone via the USB cable attached to home computer and sync every time I charge it.

      Problem almost solved!

    • The General

      I started using Dropbox to backup photos on my phone, works great!
      Only thing I recommend is that you set it up so the photo syncing only happens on wifi, to prevent eating your data plan

  • Hinds2009

    I am all over this 16gig :-). Great Price and cutting edge specs=winner

  • Justin

    This is making me reconsider waiting for the new Lumia’s to come out

  • Rahil

    I was getting ready to sell my Galaxy S3 to get this phone until I realized it doesn’t have LTE. That’s a huge dealbreaker. C’mon Google.

  • Threecube

    $350 for an unlocked phone with nice specs that would allow me to replace my iPhone 4 without breaking my contract with 1 year left on it…. Yes please.

  • oil5darling

    If you go to the phone is listed at 8gb -309 and the 16gb 359. CANADIAN PRICING

  • sunvv

    Nexus 7 32G with HSPA+ is $299.

    I might get Nexus 4 and this tablet. win-win.

  • Stan

    holy sh*t! I’m selling my gs3 for this!

    • GoogleVoice

      Sell your S3 fast!
      They just dropped $2-300 in price at Kijiji Cragslist!

  • David

    It doesn’t have LTE because LTE systems differ in North America, Europe and Asia, while HSPA+ 4G largely don’t.

    $300-$350 is entirely reasonable.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket


  • ActivesiN

    2 weeks until I buy my new phone!

  • MapleHamwich

    Oh my god. I might buy one even though I’m still on contract. That phone is sick. And cheap!

  • Mark

    And $509/$409 for the Nexus 10 in Canada. Sold.

  • Zoomus

    OK so now I know when and where to get one of these babies, Now all I need to know is when and where to get a Nokia Lumia 920, yesssss

  • technodork

    Please tell me this is Wind Compatible 😀

    • BT

      It is.

  • Therm0

    Nice phone. Love the LiPo battery…that’s insane. Also like that it’s got 5 HSPA frequencies…850, 900, 1700, 1900, 2100 MHz…which means it would be easy to switch SIM cards between, say, Robelus and T-Mobile for those who travel to the US.

  • deltatux

    Looks like it is LTE capable since T-Mobile is selling it. If T-Mobile has it, rest assured so can the new entrants.

    • deltatux

      AWS capable* … oops… lol

  • TB

    Come on Telus, pick this one up. Free on 2 years, do it! Nexus 4 would be everywhere!

    Subsidy would be similar to the S3 on 3 years: $491/36 months=$13.64/month. 8gb Nexus 4: $299/24 months=12.46/month; or $8.31/month for 36 months.

    (I can dream, can’t I?)

  • JCLG

    Fantastic prices across the board. $309 (+shipping) for an HSPA+ Nexus 7? Tempted to upgrade from my CyanoPad…

    A bit disappointed w/ the N4 lacking LTE (as well as the meagre storage capacity) but considering how cheaply it’s selling for, I’m not surprised. Will stick with my Galaxy Nexus until next year’s 5.0 KLP release.

    Still waiting for Google Play music to come to Canada; we simply can’t rely on Google’s cloud services up here if the content isn’t available! For now, we still need more physical storage…

  • iphoneuser


    I wanted Note 2, BUT holy crap I can get 2 Nexus 4 for the price of one Note 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anthony E.

    Needs a 32gb model. My only complaint about my nexus s is that I can’t put all my music on there :(.

    • migo

      Yeah, 16GB isn’t really enough either. I’ll just save the money and get the 8GB as I’ll have to be careful with what I put on there anyway.

  • technodork

    Does this use Micro Sim?

    • Hilman

      I believe it does.

  • jack

    telecommunication companies in canada must be pissed that they dont get to sell this phone for 700$ or like 200$ on a 3yr contract

  • Osama

    LG OG/ Nexus 4 = NO LTE, NO SD, very poor camera, no thanks!

    • Alex

      According to current new, it will have micro-sd support.

  • oil5darling

    Is there any word on carriers in Canada carrying the Nexus 4?

  • henry

    is there gonna be a white one? would really want to see how the back of that one would look like.

  • js

    Arg! Damnit i just bought a used SIII for $450 and now google relases this! Oh well I guess it’s time to ebay

  • Alex

    I’m going to buy one for my wife!

  • Mario Gaucher

    it’s still a LG device. I’ve had so much trouble with LG phones in the past… not sure if I will buy one again.

  • Tom

    Like others, dissapointed that Google Music isn’t coming here. Much more important though that all the Nexus devices will be sold direct here.

    If we can buy a Nexus device here, there are lots of options for music services besides Google Musc – all work great on Android.

    The BIG question – if we buy a Nexus 4 from Play Store, do we get updates from Google?

  • ihitmyheadalot

    burrying my comment proved my point. android is awesome but the people who use it are absolutely retarded for most part. theres a things wrong with ios but at least the ios users arent nearly as ridiculous. android folks can seee android doing no wrong. all they see are problems with everything else and they turn nothing but blind eyes to their own ecosystems short comings.

  • Nick

    after the optimus 2x I swore I’d never buy another LG phone. sigh …. do i repent and get this or instead get the galaxy nexus for supper cheap? either way, must get read of the useless Optimus 2x…

  • monsterduc1000

    If they bring out a 32gb with lte version for say…$409 cdn… I”M SOLD!!!

    Otherwise I’m happy with my Nexus S on a custom Slim rom =D

  • BamBoomBoom

    RIP RIM, Samsung, HTC.

    The Coup D’etat has been delivered.

    Unless you can release a similar device with a large screen, quad core CPU, 2GB ram, pentaband, etc– your sales will be destroyed. HTC is especially done, HTC is having enough trouble selling $500-600 devices. Samsung’s SG3 sales will be pillaged, as the N4 is basically a SG3 sans LTE/more storage; but who is going to pay more than double for LTE/more storage? Some, not a lot.

    RIM? Well, RIM is trying to sell a BB9900 with a single core cpu, 256mb ram, 2.2″ screen for $699 or something hilarious, where was the N4 is a quad core, 2,048MB ram, 4.7″ screen for $299…

  • John

    So Android is officially the Ford of cell phones. Give them a good but unrefined product loaded with options and a fantastic price. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing…just making the comparison.

  • Jay

    Wow, what a price. And no ROBELUS obligation. Google FTW.

    LG or not, this phone has set a precident.

  • Aaron

    Does it not have a notification LED?

    • Treatz

      Yes, bottom centre like the Galaxy Nexus

  • jonny

    If it had microSD I would buy it. 16GB is not enough.

  • AznBoy00

    Omg why did i bother on buying a 4s when there’s this…fml 🙁

  • TouchMyBox


    That’s just a stupid price, I was expecting $400 for 8GB, thanks google.

  • Wind Mobile compatible ?

    Will this work on Wind Mobile or Mobilicity ?

    If so , I will buy this in a heartbeat :)..hopefully it supports their frequency 🙂

  • Vin

    Google has done it again..great price with great specs…

  • Wind Mobile compatible ?

    Robbers can now shove their 3 yr Iphone contracts and their 50 bucks minimum plans up their A$$..Bell and Telus can follow 🙂

    Buy this phone and go with Wind Mobile or Mobilicity , you won’t regret it 🙂

  • Fish

    If the reviews are good, I know what my wife is getting for Christmas. She can finally retire her Curve 9300. 8GB price is awesome especially since she doesn’t listen to music on her phone.

    Will the carriers have it or will it only be through Google Play? I’d love to put this on the Wind Tab.

  • VTR1000SP2

    Quietly brilliant, affordably priced.

  • Jay

    Can I haz Galaxy Nexus for $150 please?

  • Omid

    Welcome to google world 😀 You should be a dumb to buy an iphone. Google killed apple and Microsoft just in one move.

  • haxor99

    Most of us were hoping for at least 32GB and/or SD Card but…
    This price point is AMAZING. Way to go LG and Google!

  • Is this Bb10?

    2100 mah battery is not enough. I was hoping for 3300mah like razr maxx. I often use GPS for hiking which eats battery.

  • Is this Bb10?

    Is it regular Sim or micro Sim?

    • Howard

      I believe it is microsim. Don’t think Mobilicity or Wind carry micro sims. time to DIY your sim cards.

  • Zeeb

    Would I be able to pop out my current iPhone 4 micro-SIM card and put it into this phone?

  • leobg

    Ughh – omission of LTE is another hard pill to swallow, first one being the lack of SD card. But the other specs and the choice of LCD over OLED screen and especially the price totally compensates for it all! Count me in!

  • Mike

    Wonder if it comes with Yakjuux… lol

  • COB

    Anyone wanna buy my S3? haha..

  • Terry

    I can live without SD (even micro) on a phone; but the Nexus 10 not having SD (even micro) is killing me.

  • Adriel

    I wonder if they’re going to have the wireless charging dock available anytime in the next century. Still can’t get pogo pin docks for the Galaxy Nexus or the Nexus 7. At least it’s on Qi, so I suppose I could pick up one of the Nokia ones when they go on sale.

    • Brent

      Nokia’s wireless charging pillow and pad will charge this phone up just fine.. no need to wait for a LG specific one

  • OMG BASEDGOD TYBG #taskforce

    Holy a launch phone in the 300s with specs like this and vanilly android? Straight gudda. #based #TYBG

  • kevin sutton

    That’s an incredible price for a phone with that kind of setup. Makes most of those mid level phones utterly pointless. I’m not a big data plan guy so I don’t think I’d miss LTE, and that is a great price.

  • Rnb

    Look’s like Hurricane Sandy couldn’t stop this release 😉

  • Dylan K

    Lack of LTE is disappointing, after getting used to my SIII. The rest blows my mind, and I’ll have to get back used to HSPA+ if that’s the case. I can probably fetch $400 minimum for my SIII so I’m forking out cash for shipping.

  • JV

    No LTE is def Deal breaker. Im sure the phone will work fine, but Ive been spoiled with the LTE speeds Ive been getting on My Galaxy s 3, and the Micro sd card Ive been using on a regular basis. I mean i would really Love to have a Pure Google experience, and Ive been waiting for the next Nexus device, but once again i feel like Nexus didn’t max out all the hardware that they could have gone with. i feel like they always disappoint me with hardware. The last device, the camera fell short of 8 Mp which the galaxy 2 had. once you go forward in hardware its hard to go back. Now they are doing the bare minimum in camera, but the lack of LTE again is a deal breaker. I am well aware that the price point is astounding, however im going to sit this one out. I hope the next nexus device will come with Up to date if not the next generation in Hardware specs. With a Larger price Tag for those folks wanting to spend a little more money, as well as a cheaper version maybe without all the hardware bells and whistles like usual. i guess im asking for more choices. i hope for it happening, however im not holding my breath. Looks like i will have to wait for the Next Galaxy S Device in order to get that hardware bump up. Hope everyone is having a great monday! 🙂


    This phone has actually made people forget about LG’s prevous track record! lol I am actually a fan of LG products and I will definitely be buying one of these!!

    16gb is more then enough for me with most my content in the cloud anyway via Dropbox and Google Drive!! I also think next year we will see the start of cloud gaming which will mean less storage on the deivce is needed!!

    CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  • briggs


    you have my attention, LG and Google. This may be my next android phone.

  • Joe

    Sold my galaxy tab 10.1 and GS3 today and waiting for the Nexus 10 and Nexus 4. Thankyou google

  • panda

    If the Iphone 5 was launched without LTE. All you fandroids will be up in arms calling it piece of crap

    Granted that this is only an $350 phone… its amazing seeing how many of you are justifying the lack of feature.

  • migo

    I never thought I’d go Android, but realistically, the Lumia 710 is becoming a bit too much of a problem on Wind (usually have to reboot to get it to go back from Wind Away), there isn’t a single good AWS Windows Phone 8 coming along, and the first BB10 device will launch almost 6 months from now, likely at $599.

    I’d rather just get the Nexus 4 now (given 16GB is a bit on the short side, I’ll save money and get the 8GB) wait for BB10 to hit the PlayBook so I have a good feel for the OS and wait for the London to drop to around $300 as well.

  • Francois

    I am totally sold for pure Android phone. I am using my Gnex for a while and still going very strong and smooth. I will definitely recommend the N4 to my friends and my wife!

  • Dan

    @Panda The iPhone without LTE cannot be justified in this day and age. iPhone, being one of the leaders in mobile technology without LTE, the future, and with a high price tag cannot be justified. I cannot imagine arguing that it can be justified for the $600 price tag and not have LTE. Personally, I will not buy any phone above $450 without LTE connectivity.

    This phone on the other hand, can be justified without LTE because of it’s price point. Do you really think that a 1.5Ghz quad core processor + 4.7″ screen and LTE capabilities will be sold for the same price(309, 359)? Probably not. The pros outweigh the cons in this situation, so not having LTE can be justified, whereas iPhone without LTE cannot be.

    All in all, this may be my next phone, given that I may be able to sell my GN to my friend for a decent amount. Hopefully carriers will also have the same price point available without contract, so shipping costs can be eliminated. Fingers crossed, but I have a feeling that they will raise the price 🙁

  • Techie

    I still believe this site is hugely android biased. But unlike most people here, I feel I’m very objective. I am an iPhone user(automatic downvotes) but also a tech enthusiast. I can admit when a device is awesome and I feel it would be irresponsible of me to not pick one up at that price as a dev phone/secondary phone. Good job Google!! Wish there was LTE though(apple got hammered for this in the 4S… Just saying)

    • TripleHelix

      Sorry, but this site is far from being android biased.

      Bader doesn’t even come close to appear to not be Apple biased.

      These guys aren’t as bad as the other sites like Engadget, but to say they are Android biased is a pretty big stretch.

  • nely

    well… I’ve been looking to get the note 2 for over a month+, now google comes out with this the day before its release… geez, thanks google now I have to rethink what my purchases will be.

  • Gideon

    Very nice little phone but I’m surprised it only has 16gb storage without a SDcard slot. Also surprised it doesn’t have LTE… I guess Google plans to bring out a new nexus LTE in 6 months or so thus reducing the resale value of this one to almost nil. So, nice phone but I don’t like the trickle out of technology (when they could release it now) to keep the resale prices down and force people to upgrade so frequently. All this said, I’ll probably buy one after the holidays if it gets a price drop.

  • jonny

    I am really torn….

    I really do not want a 16GB phone with no microSD. And I would rather not buy an LG. But the price is so damn good!

    The S3 is such a sexy phone, but its not a nexus, and its so much more expensive……

  • Charles

    At $359 price point, it’s half of iPhone 5 or flagship android phone price. Next year, if Google releases LTE phone at the same price point, then you can easily buy another one. I’m going to buy one now and maybe another one when they release a 32gb version.

  • Moe

    Oh snap! I feel sorry for the sheep that paid top dollar/expensive contracts and bought the inferior Samsung Galaxy SIII (physical design and specs), and the iSheep that bought the iphone 5.

    Google is finally helping the tech loving consumer with affordable phones with high quality specs, affordable tablets, and finally affordable high resolution tablets (nexus 10 (2560×1600))

    Thank you Google / Android team

  • Moe

    Thank you Google/LG for bringing an affordable high class superphone.

    I know lotta people here talk bad about LG because they say they have slow or non-existing updates for their phones. I think LG now with this phone should reverse the minds of these poeple and move them away from inferior designed phones made by others, example SIII.

    I have an LG Optimus One phone that I bought for $150 new like ~ 1.5 years ago and it works amazingly well. I dropped it so many times, even intentionally, yet it is still going like a champ. Before that, I had an LG Rumour phone more than 3 years ago and that one was also made rock solid and it is still in good working order today. I am sure LG has lemons in some phone models but I am happy that there is no competition on Samsung Galaxy phones. I think Samsung has a monopoply now on all Android phones. I think no one touches them from shear volume of phones they move worldwide. I don’t like things they decided on like a slippery uncomfortable design on the S3, crappy Pentile screen flimsy design…

    Thanks Google/LG

  • Jimmy

    expandable memory? If not then S3 for me.

  • Andrew

    Does anyone think (or know) if any Canadian carriers will offer this the way TMo is? Maybe Wind, since they could offer it cheap up-front and put the rest on a tab, and it gives them another handset to offer (which I assume is TMo’s issue, their AWS band must be somewhat limiting). Presumably a carrier could get it at some wholesale discount, and if they’re offering a tab then there must be a market at $400 (for the $309 one) with most of it subsidized — not everyone has $310 or $360 to pay up-front.

    I don’t think the big guys (including Wind) could just offer it at $309 outright or $99 or w/3yr because it would hurt their other sales.

    Now if only the N4 had been made by Samsung… 🙂


  • zodbuster

    soon.. the iPhone 5s for the holidays

  • MrBaun

    hmm.. i think i want to sell my 32 gig galaxy s3 for this phone. any takers?

  • Ahmad

    I personally don’t care about LTE as I’m not going to be getting data on this phone anyways. I mean the battery is great, its from 309+tax off contract, and it’s from Google! Finally happy to see some competition going to start! 😀

  • Big Al

    will it for on wind network in Canada??

    • Big Al

      mean will it WORK on WIND mobile network in Canada?

  • Tim

    It November 13th and it’s still not available on the play store. Does anyone know when it will come available today?

    • Setare

      I have the same problem. I need to know when it is going to become available?

  • Raul

    I was disappointed too in the way the launch went off. Also, Google should not bother with having people interested in know the availability of their products if they are not actually going to do. I entered my email address to get availability notices about the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 and didn’t receive either. I already have a Nexus 7 and have been waiting for the case to become available since I bought it during the first week it was available. They don’t seem to be really setup to meet demand for the devices or the accessories.