Samsung announces Galaxy Note II sales have topped 3 million in 37 days


  • Eric

    Still waiting for mine from Rogers…

  • vengefulspirit99

    Basically, Samsung did what apple did with the iphone. Let’s hope they continue to pack in top end tech into their devices. =D

    • Plan Shopper

      Hey “Just Saying” Ya! Got that. Read a couple of reviews and comments saying just those words.

      $300+ just for LTE? Not worth it for me.

  • Plan Shopper

    I was planning on being in that number but the Nexus 4 has stollen me away. 11 days to go until ordering.

    • nely

      nexus 4 stole me away too… I was down with The note 2 up until Google came around with that anouncement. Tbh i’ve been torn for the last couple of days but going around the stores and not finding the note 2 pretty much gave me time to completely change my mind.


      NO LTE!!


  • Jaymanjii

    Yup ! Fired up to get mine from Rogers!
    I’ve waited , pondered , canceled my iPhone 5 preorder even for this, I feel good about my decision also, I’ve had my iPhone 3GS for 2.5 years, time for a change, iPhone 5 release did not excite me…

  • Outburst

    Gah, I almost feel like I’ve been made to wait because I decided to pre-order.
    That’s not right.

    • Ron Mexico

      I agree, total horse****

  • tremsr

    I happened to score one through Bell. They had four in stock. Let me tell you, it is a must have, especially if you had the original Note. The phone just flies. My buddy that bought my S3 from me was losing his mind over the speed of transitioning through the device. I also find it to be as light as the S3, if not lighter. I have to do my homework on all the features!

    @Jaymanji….you’ve made the good choice to switch! 🙂


    I’m glad that I decided to get the international model a week ago and have been blown away by how blazing fast and awesome it is, if your on the fence GET IT you won’t be disappointed at all. I had the original Galaxy Note and it was a really good device but lagged somewhat and was not very comfortable to hold in one hand. Well that’s all changed in the second one and it is without a doubt the best mobile device available hands down. You guys might want to look at the international model to because you don’t have to wait for carrier updates and two the carrier models are LTE and get half the battery life of the international unlocked version. I get 10-11hrs of continuous non stop use with the screen brightness Set at 3 / 4 power which is incredible especially for such a large device. The LTE version only gets 6hrs of continuous non stop use. I’d rather have the amazing battery life and not have to wait on carriers for updates then be able to load Web pages a couple seconds faster, wouldn’t you? – KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada).

    • Max

      Just switch to HSPA instead of LTE. It will save you a ton of battery.

  • Chris

    Picked mine up from Bell yesterday!

  • Mark

    Been using a silver one since last night. What a beast! Both physically and speed wise. Seriously contemplated waiting for N4 but in the end, I just love the S Pen and the large screen too much, and couldn’t see myself getting by on 16 GB of storage space & fixed battery, plus I’m still iffy about LG quality.

    Mind you, I’m also at the end of my contract, so made the decision of paying 200 for this phone vs. 350 for the N4 even easier.

    Of course, I can make convincing arguments for the N4 as well (latest software, even faster speeds, one-handed usage, etc). In the end, both are great phones. There’s no right or wrong choice, just a personal choice based on your own individual needs & situation.

    Just my 2 cents, cheers!

  • Mike

    Not sure if I should buy the international version. I’m with Virgin, so I know they’ll never get it. I also don’t plan on rooting this one. Bell is charging 75$ for unlocking + the phone is about 50-100$ more with taxes and everything. Should I just get the international version from newegg? Where did you guys (the ones who got one) purchase yours? Differences in features other than LTE? Will it work with Virgin’s HSPA network? Will I get those HSPA+ 42 speeds? Thanks! Planning on making a purchase today if I make up my mind on which model to get!

    • Ron Mexico

      International version doesn’t have DC-HSPA+, the fastest theoretical speed is 21Mbps.

      You can buy one from Bell and unlock it elsewhere for a lot less than $75.

    • Brendan

      Does anyone know if the Telus Telus version has DC-HSPA+ (42Mbps)?

    • Plan Shopper

      @Mike – I have been looking at the international versions through different Canadian sites and all that I have seen come with next to no warranty. 30day to 90days. $800 is a lot to spend with no warranty.

  • KL

    Been itching to get this phone for the past few days. Unfortunately Bell will only sell their first batched to new activations, not to me, who’s upgrade eligible. Doesn’t make sense. I get Bell wants new users, but now your alienating guys like me that can leave and use another provider.

    • Mark

      KL: This is not true. I’m in the exact same boat like you. Called their retention on the phone, and negotiated a new contract, then went to my local bell stored and picked up a new note 2 on 11/01 for $200. If you are eligible for a HUG, now is the perfect time.

    • Chris

      This isn’t true. I upgraded to a Note 2 yesterday on Bell

    • KL

      @mark. Thanks for the tip. I may try this route. Sure beats calling the stores and getting voice mail or going store to store.

  • Vin

    Samsung is killing the market for sure. Total Dominance, Great Hardware with Combination of awesome OS (Android)= Killer.

  • Testy

    Called 8 stores in Quebec city.. Nothing

  • Mike

    Is there place to get the int. unlocked version with that 1 year warranty Bell was talking about for their LTE version? Like, online. And I really don’t want to buy it from an American store and have to pay a bunch of cash because of customs once the product gets to my door.

  • Cancuckle215

    Sasktel still hasn’t got it yet. Funny enough, one of the local dealers near my office, I had asked to put me down for one when they get them. I phoned yesterday and asked if there was much demand. Girl at the other end “No…we’ve had two people ask to be put down for a Note II”.

    I’m pretty sure I’m one of those two. 🙂 See if the “upgrade my way” is worthwhile.

  • Ron Mexico

    People are walking in to stores and grabbing the phone, I preordered and I am still waiting. This is garbage. Best Buy better be providing some compensation for this.

  • Ron Mexico

    Only 3 million sold and they can’t get stock to stores?

    Lol, if they tried an Apple launch (35 countries one day) they’d be the joke of the industry.

    Can’t even stock a country of 35 million people.

  • JesseS

    Ordered one from Rogers, then BestBuy called to say they had one for me, since i put my name on a list. Called Rogers back, order was already processed, said he couldn’t cancel it. had to call bestbuy and release the phone, pretty sad 🙁 Now waiting for shipping confirmation from Rogers again, better not be two weeks.

    Question!, true what i hear about no multiview or FM radio on the Rogers editons?? Removed by rogers or not in the 4.1 release?

    • Mark

      Re Jesse S: I have the Bell version, but they’re all the same on the big three.

      No FM radio: True, but who cares.

      No Multiview: True as well. This one is a lot more important. I hear it will be enabled via an OTA update sometime this month.

  • JesseS

    Re Mark, yah Fm was very minor but Multiview is huge, sure hope the update comes sooner than later, thanks for the info!

  • Hameed Bhatti

    Samsung could learn a thing or two from Apple regarding launching new devices. This is so much BS.

    I found three gray ones at stores near me, but I want a white one. I guess I will have to wait till next week when more inventory is supposed to get to the stores.

  • Jon

    Sales would be higher if they actually had any stock.

  • Hal

    I listen to the radio at my desk all day on my S3. I have been waiting for the Note 2 but if no FM radio I probably won’t be buying it. I have the APK for the app but I bet you can’t install it. Does anyone know if the Spirit Radio app will work?

    It also bugs me that none of the North American suppliers will enable the FM Radio App. Is it because they can’t make money off it as it doesn’t need data to work? Pretty greedy if that is true!!!

  • tremsr

    I bought the Bell Note 2 outright and I’m using it on Virgin. NO need to unlock as Virgin uses Bell network.

  • mggiphone

    This or LG Optimus G … Not yet decided