Google Nexus 10 landing in Canada on November 13th, base model is $409


  • caribouroader


    • 1234APPLE

      iPad, iMini, iSheep iKiller

    • Dennis

      @1234APPLE, because people like you it sadly seems like Android fans are also becoming sheeps.. aSheeps…

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @Dennis I believe the proper term is “Fandroid”.

      Still haven’t figure out what to call Windows fans, though. Windows Phan 8?

  • Jamie

    Yay so much good Googley stuff today

  • Tom

    Crikes, those are awesome prices!

    Man, the carriers (and maybe other partners) are going to be soooo mad at Google.

    I guess Google didn’t get the memo about keeping margins really high.

  • Saad

    EXCITED!! Is the screen LCD or AMOLED?

    • Shenzen

      its a retina display.

    • kris

      its PLS lcd- pls is samsungs version of ips but with richer colors. samsung doesnt hold a license to make IPS so they made their own version its extremely similiar.

  • Tom

    I’m also thrilled that Goog refused Samsung’s proprietary connectors, instead going for USB, HDMI, and Miracast (new standard for wifi display sharing).

  • MapleHamwich

    Wow. Google is pulling out some heavy hitters today! Amazing hardware at amazingly cheap prices! Wow.

  • Mike

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Mark

    Weights 50 grams less than ipad.

  • John

    Good specs, too bad it’s so damned ugly and cheap looking.

  • theMediaman

    Still can’t get TV shows but can finally buy movies on Google Play in Canada.

  • David

    Dear Google: you had me at “Nexus.” In other news, my year old Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and some peripherals will be on Kjiji shortly.

  • JL

    On paper it’s amazing. Google still needs to step up their game on the tablet side ecosystem. Those blown up phone apps sure aren’t going to look better at 2500 X 1600. Step yo game up Google. We need some competition for the iPad.

    • phreezerburn

      So you are saying all of the iPad apps take advantage of such resolution? Do tell.

  • Jacob

    Arighty, now we just need more apps for the tablets.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    ipad retina display looks better
    scientifically proven.


    • vn33

      You’re delusional
      no need to be scientifically proven

    • dlo

      your face and eyes are still covered in iBukkake.
      it’s scientifically proven.
      your argument is invalid.

    • bazinga

      …just give it up already. ANDROID all the way – you know you want it 🙂

    • apple chodeboy

      >implying Samsung didn’t make the displays for the iPad

      You are a r****d. Scientifically proven 😉

  • deli

    I’m really tempted. I guess I’ll wait a bit. The pricing is superb.

  • dlo

    damn…apple is not even in the rear view mirror anymore!

  • AppleIsFinished

    Can apple products (as of in 2012) still do “attachments” within their iMessage or SMS/MMS services? 🙂 When I say attachments, I am speaking about EVERYTHING ELSE besides “Pictures” 🙂 🙂 Or there is no definition of attachments within Apple’s dictionary of terms.

    I am still waiting as to why they don’t support true attachments, why or why Apple, must you continue to control what I can “attach” for sending & receiving.

    Poor Attachments … still waiting and waiting …

  • Jacob

    Despite what you may want to think, Apple’s ipad will continue to be superior and Google still has a lot of catching up to do. I’m not saying specification wise but the ecosystem of Tablets Applications itself.

    I think a definite limit to Google’s Ecosystem is its failure to offer paid apps in many countries. For example, China’s android market can only access the “Free” Applications. That’s a huge market to be neglectings :/ This is a huge turn off for any potential android purchaser.

    • hghershey

      Everyone thought that Google/Android had no chance against over-priced/under-performed iphone a few years ago, with their so-call innovative ideas (a bigger screen doesn’t count). Now they are playing catch-up. iphone was good when it just came out, but now they are just playing mind games with their customers. Freedom of choice will always win.

  • Shenzen

    is this the bb 10? i’m alittle confused. someone please advise.

  • johnplayer

    Will i be able to plug in my wireless internet stick and have it work? on all other tablets it does not work!

  • Gsizzle

    I find the price jump from $409 (16gig) to $509 (32gig) a bit steep especially when you compare the prices of the handsets to be quite fair at $309 (8gig) to $359 (16gig).

    Ahhh crap, Google Spoiled me 🙁

  • It’s all about the Nexus!


  • max

    Is it $509 or $409

    • Kris

      depends if you get the 16 or 32GB model.

  • Kris

    an extra $100 for the 32GB? How is that a good deal?

  • Brad F(anboy)

    THAT’S what I call competition!

    Now it’s time for developers to get off their butts and start optimizing their apps for tablets.

  • Mike

    NOOOOOOOOOO!! I just dropped like 850 on winter tires this morning. My credit card can’t take this abuse!

  • relevant84

    Did some reading on both the Mali T604 and the A15…I have to say, this tablet should be substantially faster than anything else on the market. It won’t be as power efficient as some might like, but we’ve been waiting on the A15 Cortex for a while, and I don’t think we’ll be disappointed. I can’t wait to see it in action.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @relevant84 Can’t wait for Anandtech to do some extensive benchmarking with it.

    • Ron Mexico

      Me too Brad, I’m excited to see how this does against the iPad 4 A6X.

  • imrangr1

    @johnplayer: get a OTG cable from online and you can stick you USB internet stick to Nexus 10 or any other Android tablet and voila internet on the go.

  • stay safe everyone!

    Was thinking of buying a surface when it got cheaper, but this being pretty much like a steal is to me the better value. And was thinking of getting a lumia 920, but again the price of the nexus 4 is a killer! Guess ill be going all google, even though i didnt at first…
    Typed from my htc one s.
    Hurricane sandy is comijg so stay safe everyone!

  • ActivesiN

    im not a fan of the styling…but other than that the tablet is solid

  • Paul

    Damn…might have to bring my newly purchased note 10.1 for this. =)

  • Ivan

    Having purchased the 16g 7, only to have the price point replaced with the 32g, I shall wait this time. Probably buying, but waiting for the better version they put out in a few more months.

  • Steve Dion

    I can’t wait to see the phone version of twitter on this beauty!! Or how about eBay, wow, such great apps.

  • Moe

    Google is finally helping the tech loving consumer with affordable phones with high quality specs, affordable tablets, and finally affordable high resolution tablets (nexus 10 (2560×1600))

    Thank you Google

  • Zack

    The specs are awesome! But no SD card slot and 100$ gap between 16gb to 32gb is really lame for an Android product.

  • Eric

    How are the Nexus 4 and 10 available in Canada? When I try to checkout it says they don’t ship to my country??