Nokia Symbian phones beginning to get Belle Refresh update


  • shaker

    I’m a nokia wind holdout. finally! yay.

  • GTeh

    What about Nokia 500 on Wind?

    • chall2k5

      Nokia 500 updates will start to be launched within the next few weeks

  • Vinny

    The edges on the clock look rounded I sense an upcoming Apple Lawsuit…

    • Fartknocker

      Nope. Unlike Samsung and Google Nokia can actually be original.

  • Alex

    Surprisingly enough, I got my update this morning. I had a PRC OEM phone, but re-flashed it to a North American OEM ROM. Had to wait a while for the last update to hit my N8, but this one was 12 mb FOTA and appeared this morning.

    Didn’t appear in Software Update, had to *#0000# and check for updates in there.

    Nothing is noticeably different, it actually reset 3 or 4 times after the upgrade, but it’s settled now. Nice to have the latest and greatest, but I don’t use the Music Player much and use Opera Browser, so those improvements are nil. The Mobile Data counter is nice, but I’m on Mobi so also irrelevant.

    I doubt Wind users will ever even get Belle, and the 500 OEM images will be another couple weeks because they have to be optimized for the lower end hardware.

    You’re both further ahead googling how to flash your phone to an OEM image using Phoenix and Navifirm!

  • TKG26

    that phone is FUGLY

  • Dylan D

    Anyone still supporting the symbian/belle os is crazy. I don’t know how anyone could still be using this in Canada.

    • robinottawa

      “still supporting”?! Where have you been? This is no surprise. I’m not surprised at all that Nokia rolls out the Belle FP1 updates that the older phones can handle. Same old good stable service as always. Nokia won’t come back on WP if they treat their millions of past customers badly.

    • KC

      Maybe it is because no other Mobile Operating system on Earth is as capable as Symbian yet. Sure Android is coming along nicely and is essentially todays Symbian (the dominant platofrm used by all the major OEMs), but as far as being the Swiss Army Knife of Mobile Phone OS’es (Yes I know it’s Finnish, it’s just an analagy), Symbian still reigns.

      The thing Nokia is learning though, is that Symbian users are not willing to give up all the freedom they had in favor of a sandbox OS like Windows Phone and Android has been the largest beneficiary of Nokia choosing Windows Phone as their only platform.

      I’m glad they sold off Qt though as it did not have a bright future at Nokia any longer and as a proud Canadian of Finnish decent, I’m all for Team BlackBerry and the power of Cascades (built on Qt/QML) as my next generation platform of Choice.

      Love my N8 still to this day though and am seriously considering a Nokia 808 as a last great Nokia phone.

  • sickpuppy

    So how’s life using a non-existing OS ?

  • C7User

    Very satisfied user here..

  • N8 big boy

    Will rogers brand N8 get this software update?

    • stylinred

      Probably not you should just update it yourself all you do is download the update and plug your phone in and install

      nothing needed like with the other OS (ie jailbreaking)

  • stylinred

    What you guys are seeing in that screenshot is simply the Belle update that’s been available for awhile

    the Belle Refresh update brings more widgets and a new browser/html5 etc support

    the drop down menu has been available since the last update

    and its not a rip off of android… nokia ripped it off from their own OS Maemo which had it before Android introduced it 😛

    • Alex

      @stylinred Can’t reply to the comment, but if you plug in a Rogers phone to Nokia Suite it won’t detect an update and install it. It will see the Rogers product code, and know that Rogers hasn’t authorized the update. It’s the same as it not being available on FOTA.

      You have to use something like Phoenix/NSS & Navifirm to download an image and change the phones ROM, which is essentially tantamount to jailbreaking.

    • stylinred

      yes im speaking of exactly phoenix and navifirm all you do is download the generic firmware release for canada unlocked devices connect your phone with USB and flash it

    • will

      do you know any link to a tutorial how to do that? i got a nokia x7 on rogers canada but we havent receive the update (last time i checked) i know i can do it with Phoenix but i havent found a guide showing how to achieve this….

  • Alex

    @KC – I love Symbian as much as the next guy and will go blue in the face defending it, but when it comes to everyday tasks, most Android phones offer a faster smoother experience with better service integration. I had to use an Android as a loaner for a month, and it was worlds better.

    If there was an Android phone with Nokia build quality, Nokia Maps, N8 imaging (or better yet, 808 imaging) then I’d certainly dump Symbian for it anyway. Here’s to looking forward to Pureview Windows 8 phones, may they be amazing.

  • MrDeeds72

    What if the cell is unlocked? Will the update show in Nokia Suite?

    • Alpha

      It’s done by product code. The unlocked N8s sold by Newegg are 059C8T6. You can install a customer firmware like Delight Belle, use the built-in utility to change the product code to whatever you want and then upgrade.

      Or just use phoenix and bypass the above.

      Certain product codes, like those from the UK, allow you to turn off the camera sound and enable Joikuspot. Apparently Joikuspot is not allowed to work with any North American phones due to some sort of patent.

  • MrDeeds72

    I’m having a terrible time trying to install phoenix, so I will try delight belle

  • shaker

    downloading new code means opening ur computer up to every virus. Not as easy as posters say. My laptop won’t let me do it successfully.

  • Kiltswinger

    What’s the generic Canadian version?

  • n8 Big boy

    My rogers n8 will be stuck on anna if we dont get belle refresh