Bell Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE upgrade to OS 4.0.4 now available to download


  • Sean

    Shame this will be the only update it gets as it was only released in Canada so there’s no motivation to upgrade it beyond ice cream sandwich

  • Meow Meow

    I only have 4.0.1 on my GNex!! What gives? I don’t want to change build or root, just standard update please!!!!!

    • Woof woof

      All you have to do is is change the factory image, no change of builds and no rooting, it’s google supported it actually comes from their website… if you don’t want to do that, then enjoy 4.0.1 until something else is released while the rest of us enjoy Jelly Bean

  • bulletwithbatwings

    I used this phone for about 2 weeks and it was really great. It was smooth and had a nice screen, and I preferred the shape of the device over the GSIII. I was running cyanogen mod 9, and I’m sure 10 is already running somewhere.

  • ThusarTee

    Anyone having any luck with the update? Checked all over the place and cant seem to get the update going.

  • dylan

    No update on 2 diff devices in diff cities in BC:(

  • Sasquatch

    It doesn’t work after a restart, on wifi or 4g… You lie bell!

  • James

    I can confirm that there is no update available via Kies or OTA. I’m not sure why this story was posted when the update obviously isn’t available.

    • James

      so I got in touch with a CSR on the online chat with bell and he told me the update was available, and if I wasn’t receiving it I should call technical support to get help. I called them and the tech support CSR told me that no update was available and bell needs to test things before they release them. Sounds like they’re giving me the runaround. They should get their stories straight.

  • gramt

    Someone’s telling a big ‘ol fib. There’s no upgrade available.

  • some guy

    Oh man so stoked to upgrade, I read about a post on earlier this summer saying Bell was going to launch upgrades to ICS in late August. Now it’s here, so awesome…oh wait no its not. It says there is no update available. FAIL.

  • anon

    The update should be ready tomorrow

  • Dan

    Bell/samsung messed up bad with this phone should of released with ics first off and the wait for the upgrade was too long.

  • mike

    bell is full of crap!!!

  • jason

    Check your sources better mobil syrup. Sam gal s 2 hd lte in london ontario shows no update. You shouldnt have published this wo checking to see the update was actually there. Bell, get your @#%& together.

  • blue

    That post is an internal memo by bell mobility. The memo’s legit, sounds like bell just screwed up rolling out the update.

  • Annoyed

    I was relieved when I saw the update, however, disappointed that I spent so much time looking for it and it was no where to be found. Thankfully, I am not the only one with this problem, it’s a shame that all phones don’t get all the Android softwares at the same time instead of several months later.

  • Matty

    Oh man, this ICS upgrade looks a lot like gingerbread to me….

  • Ezechias

    No update on KIES nor from OTA. When they said 27 Aug, they thought they had till 11hr 59min 59sec to release it.

  • candy287


  • bonds1212

    What another great disappointment by bell&Samsung… I live in Windsor, On Canada and I can confirm NO UPDATE! Really not that I care…probably just be disappointed with how it screws up my phone lol…think I’ll wait till everyone else updates theirs to hear the horror stories b4 I even think bout attempting it..that is if we ever see an update which I personally doubt!

    • anon

      we got a negative nancy over here…

  • anon

    are people really bitching at bell and samsung because the update is going to take a couple of days longer to roll out than expected? wow, you guys are pathetic haha

  • B-rad

    LOL relax people, every phone will have it rolled out in a day or so, holy s**t. HAHA there are 2-3 different builds, our demo phone has it and my co workers personal didnt. Big deal. Two more days wont KILL you.

  • Zah

    I gave up on waiting for bell, there is a topic on xda developers where someone ported cyanogen mod 9 ICS and 10 jelly bean to the HD lte phone, right now using a test ROM image of cm10 and looking good so far

  • marko

    OTA updates always take a few days to roll out. Bell has a long history of slow roll outs, and even backing out of promised updates. I’m in BC, and don’t have the update yet either, but are we really surprised? This phone was released a month or so before the S3.

  • Unclephil

    Doing the ICS download as I type….

  • anon

    i can confirm the update is live. just got it for my device.

  • ykwimb

    Just finished downloading and installing. Sweet!

  • Dom

    It’s out now. yesterday’s was a release notice. patience guys

  • Veronica

    I just got the upgrade to ICS. Downloaded over wifi, installed, got a message saying the update was complete, then my phone started acting all wacko. After about 30 minutes of flashing and seeming to reload the homescreen, it rebooted – now my phone is stuck on the SAMSUNG boot screen. I’ve been waiting a long time for this update, but I would have rather waited longer for a stable update that didn’t !@#$ up my phone!

  • VonTeni

    Just got the update, I noticed a nasty bug by pressing repeatly on the lockscreen button several time (4 or 5 times), the unlock screen seems unresponsive for 20 seconds after that, anyone else noticed that ?

  • candy287


  • irwin

    Updated. Notice lag when typing, especially in text messages. Does Samsung not support dropping app icons on top of one to create a folder? Thought that was part of ICS. Also, how do I copy text now? I get icons up top when I highlight a word and can cut, select all, etc. but not copy? Sadly phone seems slower overall now. Can updated be uninstalled?

  • kaybertoss

    I did not have one problem… Updated to ICS thru Kies by connecting my phone to the computer via USB. I thought the update was out yesterday so I made sure kies was up to date yesterday making it a little quicker to get rolling today.. My computer is running windows 7 all patched, no Viruses and updated. As soon as I fired up Kies and connected my phone kies told me I had an Firmware update available. I did not back up anything on my phone. The only thing I changed was to disable the lock screen during the update process. From the time the update downloaded to the time it was installed to the phone it took no less than 15 Minutes! During that period the phone re-booted on it’s own twice then I was good to go. After ICS was installed the apps all updated themselves over my home Wi-Fi. Very impressed and happy with how smooth the upgrade went. Was very happy with this phone while running Gingerbread even more so now that it’s running ICS. Only one small complaint with the phone is I wish the battery life was better but I’ve tweaked it to get as much as possible.

  • Alex

    Got the update this morning OTA, process took no longer than 10 minutes, no bugs, nothing lost, smooth as silk and so far, after a whole day of normal use, battery life is much better. I don’t know if it’s because of ICS’s better battery conservation algorithms or what, but I’m loving it. Not that I had any qualms before hand, save for the mediocre battery life. It was a long time coming Bell, but you’ve made me a happy man.

  • Anthony

    I’ve installed the update but seems my lock screen is the same as ginger bread. Everything else seems okay, but isn’t the lock screen supposed to look different and allow swiping to access camera app etc?

  • Anthony

    Is it just me or is this version of touchwiz look like gingerbread?

  • Tim

    Same here. The GUI exactly looks like 2.3.6. Nothing has been changed. It is even disturb me more when I go to the display setting to set the fontsize to tiny as 2.3.6, but ….there is no setting for fontsize at all. It’s gone. A big sh*t for Bell.

    Does anyone know if there are any words on Jelly Bean for i757M?

  • Danish

    This ICS version sucks! A lot like gingerbread. Hangs a lot!!

  • Danish

    Can I get it back to Gingerbread? If yes, how?

  • candy287

    let us know how to go back to gingerbread. way too much lag that i cant comprehend. ram usage has gone from 300+mb to 500+mb. this is when all my apps are close and not in used. i cant believe this, my xperia ray is just on par on how the it response.

  • Dreadnott117

    Just updated this morning in Hinton, AB. I was tired weeks ago of waiting for the update, and took the plunge to CyanogenMod 9…worked amazingly. A few settings I needed to research to get mms working, but otherewise was an amazing improvement on Touchwiz Gingerbread…I went back to stock the moment I heard the update was available, just to test it out, and I have to say, it’s horrible.

    Most of the big improvements ICS made are not present, and on top of it, my phone has been EXTREMELY laggy all day for no reason, even crashing and rebooting twice. Needless to say, I am not impressed and am going back to CM9 as we speak. Thanks for making us wait for nothing Bell/Samsung.

    • Jeff in Calgary

      Hmm… Maybe I sould just go strate to CM9, and skip this ICS update altogeather.

  • Mike

    Wow! I’ve made a huge mistake: I upgraded my phone to the new version and now the phone went funky. The phone is very hot, so somtehing is burning the cpu or something. The screen is not responsive, sometimes when I try to launch an application the screen goes black and I have to restart the phone. What the heck is this?
    Is there a way to put back Gingerbread?

  • Jeff in Calgary

    My HD LTE notified me that there was an update. When I tired to download via WiFi, it couldn’t connect to the server. Now it sais there is no update. I guess maybe I need to be patient for a nother day or so.

  • candy


    • Eeyora

      Candy, you’re right, the flash player does not work anymore. I wish I never updated because typing is also slow on the phone. There was nothing wrong with gingerbread before. The update is worse!

  • Parker

    It works great. period. I’m not just talking about flash here.

  • Ella

    In vancouver. Got the update through wiifi when the phone notified me a few days ago. I would say it’s some really poor updates. Phone gets to freeze all the time. Lagging too. Often says media scanner running as if the system freezes and is restarting. Couldnt view my gallery more than 5seconds coz it keeps reloading. Unhappy abt it. DONT DO THE UPDATE!!!!!”””!

  • Amar

    When I received Bell’s Samsung Galaxy SII HD LTE – SGH-I757M from the Ebay. I have open immediately and set the WiFi connection and try to update. I was surprised its started updating by OTA. Now I have had ICS 4.0.4 and still going on smoothly. I am not trying to download and install other launcher because it quite enough for me with this stable new experience OS (TW Launcher). Hope to upgrade Jelly Bean so far. Thanks Bell Samsung.

    • jimmy

      how do u update

  • jimmy

    well i have samsung galaxy s2 hd lte… but i can’t update
    tell me why please thank

  • mohammad


  • m hogan

    This update has left my phone nearly useless. Very sluggish, freezing and geneallyl unresponsive. So sorry I took it. I can see many of the new features are nice but I’d rather have my old features and a phone that is responsive.