Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus now available in Canada


  • John

    Overpriced POS

    • SAM

      GO SAMMIE!!!

    • SAM

      GO SAMMIE!!!

    • Jake

      Who’s gonna pay $350 for that POS when you can buy a BB PlayBook for $100 less?
      Buy BlackBerry, support a Canadian company!

  • gjac0m

    This tablet is a joke.


    It is has 1.2 GHz Exynos dual core processor you can put it in your pocket 345 grams only very light, the only thing I dont like is not Gorilla glass

  • Alex

    “Voice calling has also been upgraded to let you make and receive calls privately using Receiver Mode.” is it true? Voice Calling?

  • Jorge



    FYI, you can ask the source to give you $100 credit you can use against your purchase so you will be end up paying $250 plus tax only 😉

    • lol

      so you’re saying if you ask the source or tbooth for a $100 credit, they give it to you? all you have to do is ask them? somehow i doubt that


      Guys Tbooth and the sourse will give you a $100 credit because you will by the thing from them, it has nothing to do with Roders, Bell , samsung apple orange just ask

      ohhh and if you want to buy the same thing from best buy or future shop jest tell them tbooth have this promo and they will match it up for ya

    • lol

      any store who will price match will want proof of this promo. got any proof?

  • JB

    Sorry Sammy, $199 is the price for a 7″ Tablet, maybe $249.

    Just imagine how much more you would get out of an iPad 2 for $399. Its not even a competition.

  • Don

    When an Apple product looks like a bargain (10″ iPad 2 for $399) compared to you (7″ Tab for $349), you know you’re doing something wrong. Completely overpriced, should be $249 max.

  • Tony

    On what grounds is the source giving a $100 credit?


      this is what I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The Source, Tbooth always ask for $100 credit, if you don’t ask they wont tell you

  • Dylan K

    Galaxy 7″ available in Canada! Oh, $350, nevermind.

  • khk

    7″ Samsung… lol……. FAIL!

  • criminalogic

    haha i seen this afew days ago at the Source, but they had it in tha Virgin booth? lol
    Not a bad price, if you can get that $100 discount people seem to be claiming…..

  • Owl

    What is all the specs on this tablet? Any USB/memory ports?

  • A

    i read this and almost fell over, where is the Fandroidism.. There is hope for Mobile Syrup yet…:)

    • cloakster

      Being a fan of the better product is not fanboism.

    • JR

      Intelligent people simply know when something is not what it should be at the price it should be. Android fans/supporters/users, unlike Apple folk, DO mind getting screwed. You’d never see an Apple user getting upset at Apple trying to sell them pretty much the same hardware over and over again, now would you?

  • MB

    They have no choice to sell the iPad2 at 399$, nobody is going to want it anymore…’s not like Samsung, they have different kinds of products for every taste. No wonder Apple never wants to change their products, they are probably reselling the same old products that didn’t sell but refurbished in some 3rd world country…
    Apple fans think this is overpriced for a 7″ but their iPhone at 800$ is not! 3″ lol.

    • Tminus

      650$ bud. Fail. Buy this tablet its an extreme bargain! Like posted above you can through this thing in your back pocket andbe the new 16 year old cool fandroid on the block.

    • JR

      With the less than staggaring improvements to the iPad, the iPad 2 is an awesome bargain at $399, are you kidding me? I am no fan of Apple, but if I were in the market for an iPad and 4g/LTE was not of the utmost importance, I would definitely grab the ipad 2. It’s pretty much as powerful minus the screen res (whoopie) and the connectivity.

  • wewewi

    Is there no way to block SAM’s IP?

  • Dylan K

    I’m personally waiting for that tablet that’s rumored to he a joint venture between Google and Asus. I’ll wait to see if that rumored tablet keeps its price tag of $200-250. THAT will be the 7″ Android tablet to get.

  • Rick Whitley

    The link actually specs it as a 3G tablet, not wifi only.

  • David King

    I just picked up the Galaxy Tab Plus from Staples and I love it.

    I have had the original 7inch Galaxy Tab since it first came out and actually used it just as much as my iPad2. The 7inch tablet form factor is great for taking it with you while you are moving about. The iPad2 is more suited for couch surfing, which it excels at.

    For me, 7″ is the perfect size as an ereader. Its also great to watch movies/videos, view pics, and do some quick websurfing while on the go. The build quality on the Tab Plus is great. Lighter, thinner and more powerful than my first gen Tab. Good to know I can upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich in the near future as well.

    I will get my $350 worth out of this badboy for the next year and a half until the next worthwhile upgraded version comes out. 🙂

    • neil younger

      this will be nice for the kids

  • Andrew

    Looks like a decent little tablet. If it were $200 I’d buy it in an instant. $350…not so fast.