Rumours surface again of RIM licensing BlackBerry 10 to Samsung


  • Nate

    Go RIM!!!

    • RIMRumour

      Why would the author said that “Samsung was apparently interested” They were NOT, as the article mantioned Samsung Spokesman sais that they WERE NEVER interested, so that was a FALSE RUMOR, and now there is an article about a new rumour based on a false rumour??

      Its pretty clear that with RIM BARELY hovering above $13 all they want to do is raise the stock as much as they can, before it DIVES to high $11 the first week of April after the Q4 report, they alway do the same, so prepare for the barrage of RIM Vaporware rumors: Billionaires buying RIM, Google buying RIM, etc.

      Fact is RIM has no new products until the last week of September.


      Samsung to “license” a non-existent OS, interesting.

      Remember when the stock was at $13 last time the rumours came out as well. Its another attempt by wall street to set up a short position before RIM’s March 29 earnings release cluster****.

  • Me Ted

    Precisely what I was going to say. I’m loving OS 2.0 so I’m looking forward to BB 10 as well.

  • Megahertz


  • b

    seems like a smart idea on samsungs part… microsoft/nokia, google/motorola, license another platform and roll with it, it may pay off huge

  • howitzer

    Id prefer the other way around,

    a 9900 running ics

  • JadonFresh

    If this is true there may be some securities related issues. Are idividuals/insiders trading on undisclosed material information? The OSC should get involved. It’s completely unfair if those with inside knowledge get to benefit.

    • i

      that is just pure speculation this happens ALL the time…. rumours are just rumours until they come into fruitition….

  • Betty Koyle

    Rumours.. these are just Samsung Fanboys who are jealous with Blackberries success and are now wishing they could get BB10 soon. Rim is the future, they will innovate and turn themselves around. Just wait!

  • beh


  • chall2k5

    samsung galaxy bold?

  • Rob

    Please stop the fanboyism, it’s childish.

    I hope this happens for RIM’s sake. Don’t want to see them go under. Samsung licensing BB10 instantly legitimizes the platform.

    Assuming this rumour is true, they should also bring BBM to existing Samsung handsets. That would be fantastic for both BlackBerry and Samsung users

  • prove us first

    prove us that BB10 is worth buying first. then we can talk.

  • Stefan Rees

    I don’t mind RIM licensing their OS. It’s an intelligent idea, as they’re falling behind in the hardware department (or have already). Samsung makes a great handset but I’m torn because I love the Android phones they produce. I would NOT want them to go all in on BB for my own selfish reasons. I want more Samsung Android phones!!!

    Also, I feel like Google would do and has done everything they can to prove to OEMS that they aren’t teaming with Moto.

    • kad

      samsung makes

      android phones
      bada phones
      and basically make a LOT of components of the Iphone

      they will just branch out to BB territory to be sure to continue to be 1st (because they are…)

      BBM on all samsung phones (even android ones) would be great

  • Kid.Canada

    I think this would be a great move on RIMs part. Samsung for the hardware and RIM for the software. Superior hardware + Superior software = Win for both companies

  • shaggyskunk

    The headline of this article caught my attention… RIM. Lice……

  • Gene

    A Galaxy nexus style phone dubbed the “BlackBerry One”. And its cousin the “BlackBerry One K” with slide out droid style keyboard but with Bold style buttons.

    Just do it. Spec it right. Welcome Back.

  • Matt

    I hope RIM does this. There’s no way that BB can compete with Android or iOS if only RIM manufactures handsets.

    If they do license out the OS though I just hope it doesn’t get all fragmented like Android with all its many variations.

  • Alvis

    “their nervous about the Google/Motorola acquisition”

    Ahem. The nervous of whom?

  • BB King

    @RIM IS DEAD – TRUE STORY – Not everyone is an iTard! Choice in life is a good thing.



      Stock: $145->$13 KABOOOOM!!!

      Bye-bye Canadian trashola!

  • really?

    @RIM dead guy above
    You do realize that Apple was basically down under before MS stepped in and provided capital and Jobs turned around with some new ideas.

    Just because a company is at its lowest, you shouldn’t dismiss it. Maybe 13$ per share means you should start buying some. It may or may not pay off, but if it doesn’t pay off you lose 13$max, if it does go up back to $143, that’s over 1000% increase. Just food for thought.

  • sam

    The way I see it, it’s a win-win scenario. Rim can’t get good hardware for a good price. (look at 9900 pricing) This opens the door to the best hardware on the market. Samsung can’t comfortably continue to claim dominance with Android, they increase their portfolio with BB10 and have investments in two major mobile OS. Who has the most apps after iOS and Android? Samsung could make an equally performing OS if they wanted to. They know that the apps are what make it relevant however. Rim’s OS gives them a balance of performance and apps to build off of. Seems like a no brainer for both companies to me! I personally would love to see it happen.

  • msruknar

    apple makes a good product. samsung galaxy and asus transformer prime some people consider are better tablets. Blackberry playbook at less thanhalf price of apple is an excellant product for the money. they all do emails,
    contacts , games, ms office, ebook reading etc. ipad2 did not shoot or show 1080p (american hdtv standard). samsung, asus, blackberry playbook are capabe showing and shooting in 1080p. apple came out with a good user friendly product first and was able with manipulation of media and people
    created demand. According to Jobs technical specs are not that important and this has proved to be right by adoring media and apple fans. if blackberry had not bungled with original playbook they could have been in a different spot.blackberry is sucessful in asia because they provide great value for money by including email,contacts, bbm free with all of their phones.