TELUS’ LTE network now live… here’s the coverage!


  • expensivetroll

    Wp7 is first

  • Marco Riding

    Meh. Spotty coverage considering they waited this long to launch.

    • FOTTL

      YEah its good to know that when im out swimming in the middle of lake ontario ill be covered but when im home in mississauga i wont be

    • aka

      Rogers was first, they launch LTE, only in Ottawa over 6-months ago. whoopy doo. At least Telus launched in 14 major markets. Their customers help make this happen. They invested $1.8 billion in their Optik TV and 4G wireless network in 2011 alone.

      By the end of 2012 over 25 million Canadians will be covered by LTE coverage. The maps were zoomed out to show how big LTE coverage would be by years’ end. So zoom in and you tell me if it’s 1 cell tower or not.

      It was successful launch, live with it.

  • shaggyskunk

    Now let’s see the games begin! I’m hoping that the Telecoms will challenge each other, to see who will provide the strongest, most stable signal!

  • shaggyskunk

    It’s SO sad that the iPeople can’t use LTE…. 🙂

    • Mike


      nobody with anything but an LTE device can use LTE. Your comment makes no sense.

  • Guy

    Those coverage maps out west barely look like they turned on more than 1 tower (though the one’s for Bell’s zones look equally pitiful). How can you boast network coverage if you have to be super-zoomed on the map to even see a spec of coverage?

  • Alex Perrier

    TELUS has already lowered the price for mobile Internet, from $50 in 2011 to $35 in 2012 for 2 GB. The 6 GB block at $60 in 2012 also costs less than then 5 GB block at $65 in 2011. Note that all of these are non-flex Internet-only plans, good for HSPA+ and/or LTE.

    However, the price of voice has risen from $20 in 2011 to $25 in 2012 for the basic TELUS plan with 50 minutes, nights and weekends.

    i still disagree with TELUS’ decision to continue its partnership with Bell, as it essentially limits Canadians to only two nationwide network (Bellus and Rogers). It’s alright if you disagree with my opinion, but i just wanted to make the duopoly clear.

    • WP74Life

      You are right Alex.

    • Matt

      I dont understand what this has to do with these LTE maps. As far as I know, Bell and Telus only have an HSPA agreement anyway, not LTE. Telus doing towers on one side, Bell on the other.

    • aka


      Telus and Bell already signed an agreement for LTE before Telus launched their LTE network.

  • bob

    same maps as Bell except that we also see future coverage

  • Andy

    I love how they’re literally trying to fool people, bell and TELUS has the same network. So basically they just flipped a switch that gave TELUS access to the network they already had up and running on bell. Good job.

  • Andy

    Alex Perrier, do you need to comment on everything? We understand you have an opinion on everything but seriously.. a lot of us don’t care.

    • SAM

      GO SAMMIE!!!

    • -DTECH

      I know right commenting on things in the comment section…. who would have ever thought?

  • whahappened

    Glad to see that I will be able to use LTE while on a boat. Almost half of the coverage in the Toronto and area is in Lake Ontario?

    • AndroidForLife

      I was thinking the same thing. They have such limited coverage and most of it is over the water. Great if you have a boat I guess.

  • Andre Avigdor

    Seriously … what is up with all that marine coverage?!?!

    • bob

      That’s because waves travel much farther on a flat surface such as a lake then on land with mountains and buildings.

    • GrapeApe

      Andre, it’s WIRELESS not wireline, the signal doesn’t stick to land exclusively, but it does have difficulty going through buildings, hence why a big open body of water might pose little impediment to coverage.

      Seriously, you guys who don’t understand that, please simply resist the urge to hit reply, and instead go play Angry Birds or something.

      Same with those of you wondering why your neighbourhood isn’t covered yet… simple it’s not profitable yet, either that or they knew YOU lived there and are punishing you personally for being an idjit, duh !!

  • Larry

    The iPhone5 will be LTE same as the new iPad.Buy the way Apples stock is worth around $600 a share,Apple is worth more than 7 major fortune 500 company’s combined.Apple could buy all the head set makers if they wanted to.

    • FukIphone

      Just as lame as your plain a$$ phone!!!

  • EvanKr

    So, wait, they cover a bunch of wasted lake and ocean space, they cover Yellowknife, they cover small towns like Bellebille, but yet they can’t cover any of the major prairie cities like Winnipeg or Regina. Huh.

    • monsterduc1000

      Hopefully by the years end (when I plan to upgrade) those little green dots in rural Alberta turn into the green coverage area 🙂

    • Mike

      From what I’ve read on other forums it would appear it’s the same reason HSPA took so long, you can thank MTS.

    • Alan Strangis

      Yep… Telus decided to put a lot of antennas in Lake Ontario… *rolls eyes*

      Maybe it ACTUALLY has something to do with how radio waves function, in that they have much farther reach over flat surfaces like lakes than in a busy space like a city.

    • GrapeApe

      The problem with areas like Winterpeg and Regina are local companies. MTS is notoriously bad to work with, but Sasktel worked with TELUS in their HSPA roll-out, althoug it did come long after the initial launch. I would expect that both Regina and Saskatoon and perhaps even Lloyd will get LTE sooner than Mb (partly because oil money in SK). Winnipeg likely will only get LTE when it makes economic sense to put more resources into the area, which is only likely if they get 700Mhz to make a province-wide build for the carriers feasible and they aren’t just building an island without a revenue generating network to support it (isntead of romaing on others). You won’t see Rogers go after Winnipeg either until they have completed other more lucrative metro areas.

  • gab = math wiz

    Alex Perrier is a loser. Get a life.

  • Nexus S

    what about the maritimes? Halifax/Sydney than nothing else…. pethitic..

    • bob

      They start with big cities. There is none of them in the maritimes. Even Halifax is one of the smallest city with LTE.

  • DoctorCell

    it seems that for Quebec City TELUS shares the exact same network than Bell. i though no agreement was signed with them for LTE?

  • shaggyskunk

    While I might not agree with Alex, there is no need to give him grief for expressing his opinion!
    if you don’t like his comments, a “thumbs down” should be enough.
    People should appreciate the opportunity to provide their own views on Mobilesyrup, without being plain nasty to others!!

  • whahappened

    telus should reduce it’s rates along with bell and rogers to have unlimited data. It’s disgusting that I could pay half the price that I pay with Virgin and get more with Wind. They only keep their rates higher because of the newbies coverage area. Here’s to the newbies doing well at 700 mhz spectrum auction so I can get rid of that victimized feeling.

  • Johnny

    @whahappened Your paying less with Wind because your getting less quality service, slower data. Data port blocking. low signal inside of buildings, and a very small home zone coverage things like that. If Wind was as big as Rogers, Telus and Bell and have the same quality of service and a nation wide coverage, and the same data speed and no port blocking Wind would be the same price as Rogers, Telus and Bell. Wind is also cheap because they need to get subscribers signed up with them, but once they get enough customers and a better service they will raise their prices. And besides Wind isn’t unlimited like you think.

    • Matt

      Thank you for pointing out the obvious so many people seem to miss.

  • Matt

    So theyre coverage is better than the other two, but still too pathetic to be bothered by.

  • sv

    Bell is LTE alive in Montreal too. I am on it since this morning. SpeedTest goes from DW : 5-6MB Up : 1.2MB to DW : 25MB & Up 14Mb !! Wow ! nice ! 🙂 (on LG Optimus LTE)

  • Betty Koyle

    London Ontario… uhm not

  • Croak

    Just an FYI, my Bell Tab 8.9 LTE is getting LTE as of this morning in Downtown Vancouver. 35mbps download speeds too, with just one bar showing on the reception meter, and more than occasional fallback to HSPA+

  • math

    Trolls…so many trolls! You cry that its too darn expensive( but you still buy ) and after that when a company opens up a new network (can’t you even understans a little bit how much it must cost!?!?) you troll again! It’s a freaking joke!!! Trolls, trolls trolls…If you aint happy with the prices AND the phones AND the network, well why are you even posting on these pages?!?!?!?!? Go and see your small carriers and be happy and lagh at us!

  • lukeiphone

    Wow, Yellowknife got covereage but no Markham?? Common

    • aka

      Yellowknife is no less significant than Markham.

      Yellowknife has industries such as mining diamonds than contributes to our country’s GDP, they make Canada third in production by value and sixth in production by weight in the worlds diamond industries.

      in 2004 two companies mined 12 million carats of diamonds worth over $2.1 billion. there are now 3 mining companies operating today.

      tourism, as renewal resource, in 2004-2005 generated $100.5 million by visitors to the area.

    • aka

      sorry for the typo, second sentence should read ‘mining diamonds “that” contributes to..”

  • InfinitiGuy

    All the boaters in Lake Ontario will be very happy with that enormous coverage area, lol.

  • Stephen Elsker

    I don’t live in Toronto. Why would they invest in LTE and then extend it into the water?

    • aka

      I wish people would stop complaining about water coverage and look up why.

      repeat after me: “radio signal travels much easier and farther over water compared to land”.

      especially land with tall things like buildings and tress and mountains and any other large solid objects.

  • Tbone

    For all the people who complain about the LTE coverage being rolled out, why don’t you dig into your life savings..create your own LTE network and roll it out across the country…if you can do it faster then kudos to you, if you can’t..stop complaining

  • Monty

    Loving the speeds I’m getting here in Guelph. Glad I picked up HTC Raider last weekend. I was getting 11 mb download last weekend today its 36 mb per second. Thumbs up to Telus

  • Moe We

    can i use is on my galaxy nexus if change my sim card to an LTE one?

    • aka

      yes, and it’ll work exactly the same as your current one. but no LTE data speeds, as you don’t have an LTE radio in that phone.

      but later on, if you get an LTE phone, you can put in that LTE sim inside the new phone, and it’ll pick up LTE where available.

  • Daniel AJ

    Can Koodo customers use the LTE network as well? (Assuming they bring their own LTE device, of course.)

  • stylinred

    I was expecting the coverage to be much more saturated

    yellowknife really…. well at least they gave some LTE to almost everybody

    • Daniel AJ

      Yellowknife is probably a clever idea. I’m not sure how many fixed line options people in that area have, but it won’t be many. So Bell/Telus can now offer an alternative. And until Rogers brings LTE to Yellowknife as well, they will have an advtage in the purely mobile market as well.

  • Willy

    Telus covered part of Lake Ontario and not Markham? Well…

  • dorkk wadd

    last week I had 1.75 gbs download speed here in northern ab for about 10 minutes then it dropped back to a whoppin 32kbs thats right so I know the system is there but throtled bac real big time.
    also telu never inform customers of the change in data rates
    if there were another server in the area where I live I would switch in a flash

  • Alan Strangis

    I gotta laugh at the people making boat comments (and I mean at, not with).

    Y so much boat coverage? Stupid science!

  • Andrew

    Clearly this network is shared with Bell because it has the same caps in coverage in certain sections of Etobicoke, North York, NE Scarborough and Markham. Why, then, does Telus not cover western Mississauga, some parts of Oakville and Milton while Bell does?