TELUS’ LTE network going live February 10th, plans to reach over 25 million Canadians by the end of 2012


  • bob

    wow that is a launch.

  • Abe

    I think this is a smarter approach to what Rogers did, Telus is able to cover more cities off the gate.

  • ThurnisHaley

    Telus only covered the west. In the east (and Yellowknife), they are using what Bell already set up. Bell will also add Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton to their service as early as tomorrow.

    • bob

      Are you sure about this?
      Of course this looks like Bell coverage.
      But there is also Quebec city. Who is covering it Bell or Telus?

  • m82a1

    i’ll fall BACK to 4G speeds if i’m not in a 4G coverage area? 😐

    • chall2k5

      you will fall back to “3.9G”when out of 4GLTE coverage (since neither LTE or DCHSPA are “true” 4G

    • Blaise Petric

      tristan and jason, check the map, there is LTE in St. John NL

    • Blaise Petric

      ^sorry wrong spot

  • shaggyskunk

    Aren’t they still having problems with the LTE network as it is? A thin layer of spotty LTE coverage needs to be solid where it’s advertised…. before expansion.

  • bob

    Vancouver is also in the list.

  • Rich

    Hoping Shaw launches their province-wide WiFi network in BC/Alberta soon so we put a true test of mobile data vs WiFi

    • bob

      There will be no provide-wide Wifi. At best there will be a lot of hotspot down town major cities.
      But don’t expect to be able to catch a wifi network from your apartment.

  • Alex Perrier

    i REALLY DON’T want Bell and Telus to partner for their LTE network! This just means collusion of higher prices! If Telus has its own infrastructure and DOESN’T share it with greedy Bell, they can offer better value!

  • shaggyskunk

    Alex, if every carrier had to build their own network, the costs would skyrocket. The population of Canada could not support seperate infrastructure development.

    • Alex Perrier

      What about WIND, Mobilicity, Vidéotron and Public Mobile? The first three use the same network technology, while Public uses CDMA, but they are four different networks in urban zones. Exceptions are WIND expanding in smaller Ontario communities and Abbotsford, plus Vidéotron doing likewise in Québec.

      The point is, prices have gone down by having more networks. If the little guys can afford separate networks, so can TELUS, the big guy. There would also be less congestion by NOT sharing networks with ~ 15 million Canadians.

      It’s their business, which is out of my hands, but i know how slow BellUs is during Canada Day or concerts. Calls fail, texts are slow, and the Internet makes you yearn for dial-up! This would be less of a problem with separate networks.

  • Tom

    The little guys may be able to afford networks but that is because they only cover areas where the population is extremely dense. A nationwide roll out to the scale of our current 3G network would be impossible all at once

  • DoctorCell

    Good move telus, you guys will be the first to reach
    My city, Quebec City.

  • monsterduc1000

    I am VERY glad I waited to upgrade from my Nexus S now. I was on the verge when the Galaxy Nexus was announced but the specs were just not future proof enough and no LTE capability was a deal breaker. Hopefully the next Nexus phone is an advancement like the Nexus One was and not just a run of the mill phone like my S (even though I do enjoy it) and the GN…

  • Pipesnake

    Unlink Rogers the fallback is to HSPA dual cell first and then HSPA+ so theoretical 42 Mbps and 21 Mbps. The only part of the network that is shared with Bell is the RAN (Radio Access Network).

  • mohamed

    Thats too bad, I switched to Rogers yesterday because they had unlimited.

  • Jason

    St. John’s, Newfoundland please!!!

  • tristan

    A town of 15000 gets LTE (Yellowknive), but metro St. Johns (200000+) doesn’t!? Bring LTE to St johns please!!!!

  • Mathieu

    Will the reception/range/power of signal will be better than on the current HSPA?

    Because in my new house (with metalic vapor barrier in the insulation) the signal is so weak that I can use my phone only in specific area(near windows in the direction of the cell tower).

  • Blocknards

    I love how Telus does a rollout, no bells and whistles, no flashy ads or rate plans, just quietly blows everyone away. “LTE? No biggie”

    Rogers: “Well……..$hit.”

  • emixam

    I wonder how many years it’s gonna take for the LTE network to come to Manitoba, took 2 years for the HSPA to come to Winnipeg so I guess 2014 then…

  • Steve M

    See that whopping huge area with no coverage in Ontario between Sault St. Marie and Winnipeg, Manitoba – that is why NO wireless company should be claiming coast-to-coast 4G coverage. Actually they shouldn’t even be claiming coast to coast cell phone service when half the Trans-Canada highway between these 2 areas has no cell service! Don’t believe for a minute that although I live near the highway I will ever get 4G service of any kind- never mind LTE. (Thunder Bay Tel for the s**t it offers should be giving away their service- with only HSPA on Rogers system or CDMA- underwhelming that is).

    • Pipesnake

      The whopping huge area with no coverage is called spectrum. Your government better give 700 MHz to companies that have the resources to deploy it or you won’t see any LTE coverage there. It will cost huge dollars to deploy LTE at higher frequencies. Higher frequencies mean more towers means higher cost means less coverage.

  • Richard

    Hopefully Belus comes to virgin soon.