Nokia to give Symbian one last hurrah in the Nokia 803


  • EvanK

    Meh, outdated OS, relatively small display and only mediocre specs. All that this phone really has going for it is its camera, let’s just hope that Nokia doens’t ruin the large sensor goodness with something crazy unnecessary like 20 megapixels.

  • SAM


  • Jesse

    Holy bulge, batman. Screen size is subjective to whomever is using it, but from what I have seen from Belle, it’s not a bad piece of software for the low-end.

    Now, if Telus’ pricing for the Lumia 800 would just hurry up and leak….

    • Nick

      Are you saying this phone is going to be low-end? I certainly don’t think so… huge camera, AMOLED screen, etc. probably puts this at the same (or similar) price range to everything else on the market.

  • Stuntman

    I’ve already moved on after the Nokia N97. At the time the E7 with Symbian^3 just isn’t good enough compared to the HTC Desire Z with Froyo. If the E7 had Belle, a year ago, I might have stayed with Nokia phones.

  • DRI

    They would better luck with this phone if it had Windows 7.5.

  • jellmoo

    Honestly, as much as I like Windows Phone and think that Nokia made the right choice going that route, I wish they would have given Meego another shot. The N9 is hands down the best phone I have used with an absolutely killer user experience. A fringe device, even if only once a year would make for an interesting side project.

  • Noah

    Could anyone picture Apple releasing the iPhone 2G with iOS 2.0? Nokia bewilders me.

  • Youngwolf

    The best cameraphone to date is Nokia N8 that is running Symbian. Some say the good quality of the picture is also due to the OS. Yeah, I know the old, soon to be dead Symbian is going to amaze the world again. Bring it on Nokia! set the bar again and I will buy the phone.

  • Aaron Poutanen

    Day in day out my phone (an N8 with an early version of Belle) does things that other people wish their phone could do. Symbian has never been broken people just didn’t like the old look to it. I’d buy an N8 successor if/when one comes out.

  • -DTECH

    Hmmm maybe no one asked Nokia if they had a plan C….

  • gjeff12

    I’d rather have this than a low-end Android.

  • Antonio Cano Gomez

    I recently got the Nokia 700 with Belle.

    The user experience is not so good as android.

    But is very practical. The battery life is amazing compared with any android phone. I can do almost the same things.

    I will not move from Symbian for a long time.

  • sak500

    RIP Nokia…

    You screwed me with pathetic support on N900 and i will never touch another nokia again. I’ve moved onto iphone4 and Optimus 3D. Best of the both worlds, iOS and Android platform.

  • rahul

    If the camera is better than my N8, I will buy it. Belle on my N8 is quite decent, does almost everything I need it to do.

  • Andy c

    With the exception of the camera bulge this looks very similar to the lumia 710

  • Greedy

    The prospect of optical zoom is interesting, but gimmicky in my opinion. The industrial design is hideous, though. It would probably sell decently, but I think a Meego device would have done better. I still want to get my hands on one, but I can’t justify spending that amount on a second phone.

    • Jesse

      So you prefer a fake digital zoom over a zoom that actually serves a purpose?

  • David

    It always felt to me like Symbian was outdated even in the early 2000’s. I just can’t imagine how outdated it can be in 2012!

  • Mike

    I cant look at this product name and not think of the Sybian sex toy.

    Too much Howard Stern… >.<

  • robinottawa

    Bring it on! With Belle, or Carla, I’ll be looking for one of these when someone wants to sell one a year or two on. I’ll be good for years and years, as I always am with a Nokia.

  • Richard

    I’ve owned a few old-school Nokias, and my first and only Smartphone so far is a Nokia E71 I got for free with TELUS. I like it, but it has given me a lot of grief. It’s not even that stable! It’s finicky, has a niche market, and has such an outdated UI that I want to smash this phone to bits and pieces. AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! That being said, they know how to design and build the non-software bits of a phone. Great build quality. I am looking forward to trying out a Lumia with Windows, if it gets good reviews.