Sony announces new Xperia S phone, global release in March


  • Matt

    SGS3 will kill this phone!

  • Cody

    I’m going to be waiting for htc quad core 🙂
    This kinda looks like RIM designed it..

  • Bob Chan

    Hope this will come to Fido 😀

  • EmperumanV

    1GB of RAM? I was expecting more?

  • Someone

    Would this phone be like penta-band, since its like a global launch would there be a chance to work on mobilicity?

    • bummy

      Penta-band not likely. X10 was on mobilicity; so they’ll probably make ones that will work on Wind and Mobi’s network I think!

  • tweeker

    Again this shows how slow and far behind Sony is..a good push but by the time this comes out it’ll be slow and weak buy a good deal.
    they should have released the phone in 2011 still

    • bummy

      Compare this to Galaxy Nexus?
      4.6″ = 4.65″
      dual core = dual core
      12mp > 5mp
      Aluminum Case > Plastic Case
      Good Design > Ugly

      Would you say Galaxy Nexus is outdated?

  • bob

    Sony is 6 months late with this.

  • Corks

    If this has dual-cell HSPA+ (42mbps) I will be buying it for sure. C’mon Telus come through for once

  • Dimitri K.

    I rather buy this then the iPhone 4S. Not a fan boy of Sony but i rather show my friends & family i support another company rather then Samsung or Apple.

    Sony will be sending out updates pretty fast ( also depends when the carriers will approve & add their own bloatware). Sony puts the biggest & the nicest cameras on their phones. Yes they might not have the same specs as Samsung but you know what? I rather have these specs then have a phone with specs that kill the battery pretty fast. I do not need LTE or a Quad-care in a phone. I am pretty good with the decent specs it has.

  • EAK47

    @Bummy: This is the Xperia S. Not the Xperia Ion. Your specs are wrong, the Xperia S has a 4.3″ screen and I doubt it has an aluminium body just as the Ion.

    Stills a better phone than the Nexus IMO

  • EAK47

    I’m just wondering what do they mean by “gapless display”?

    • Timbits93

      Well as demonstrated first on the Xperia arc, it’s just their practice of having a reduced gap between the LCD and the glass in an effort to produce a more vivid display of colours.

      Though i can bet you that Rogers MIGHT just be having an exclusive on least between the Ion or S based on past SE collaborations (X10, arc)

  • KB

    Hey just wondering if the Ion will also be released in Canada or is it ONLY the USA. Anybody know?

  • Jer

    At this point im just wait on S3.

  • Mark

    this is a far better looking phone. Time and again Sony proves they can make a beautiful device. Place an Xperia Arc next to a galaxy s 2 and see which looks generic and which one stands out as a design. All samsung makes is iPhone ripoffs. Glad Sony has some dignity.

    I don’t care what overheating, poor audio quality, “thinner” and truck sized components samsung puts in their next phone to sway the sheep with specs, but i would rather take this beauty once updated with ICS. A very good and capable phone. Sony packs decent audio chips and good cameras in their phones and these two are THE required specs for me.

  • Ramy

    I don’t care about the GS3. This phone is not outdated, it’s gonna launch 3 months after the Galaxy Nexus with better specs but won’t have ICS which will probably get it in the end of March…

  • captain

    the only thing I wish they had done is used an s4 generation snapdragon instead of s3, since it has better efficiency and battery life. Other than that it looks like a great device.

  • mukrenol


    ericsson is no more =D

    hope sony will make a big hit!
    they have edge and technology
    although it was slow to start but i have faith that they will get better and better!

  • saffant


    Uh.. the GN came out in December and this comes out in March 2012…


    u think the xperia S will come out to canada and can be used for rogers?