Tilt for BlackBerry 10 now available for $1.99

Ian Hardy

February 7, 2014 4:54pm

A beautifully designed app is coming to BlackBerry users next week. ReFocus Labs has put together a video that shows Tilt will be available on BlackBerry World starting February 11th.

According to their site, Tilt will help you manage your news, notes, weather, places, battery stats and calendar in one place – which would be a great addition to the BlackBerry Hub. Tilt is based on BlackBerry Sweden’s tilt UI concept, formerly known as TAT (The Astonishing Tribe), that uses the gyroscopic orientation on your BB10 device to inform you of the most important information when you need it. When the device is flat on the table the screen will be black, then as you ’tilt’ it up the colourful blocks start to show your info “according to their priority.”

Update: Tilt is now available in BlackBerry World for all BB10 devices. The cost is $1.99.

Source: BlackBerry World
Via: ReFocus Labs

  • Rikard Jerner

    isnt this the old cancelled android project one could use 2 years ago? looks exactly the same.

  • Henry

    Music intensified

  • Columbo

    Don’t really get it. Why wouldn’t you just want to see those things all at once? What’s the benefit of them slowly appearing incrementally?

    What would be much cooler is if you could control what you see based on how you tilt it. For example tilt left to see (full screen) the weather, tilt right to see new messages, up to see the latest headlines, down for calendar etc.

  • kilowiko

    Is this bb11?