TELUS network outage affects some voice and data services across Canada (Update: service returns)


  • Francois Savard

    It’s Ok in Quebec City

    • Jonathan

      my koodo phone was down

  • Liam Fearnley

    Down here in Vancouver…

  • arman

    Outage started just as i wanted to make a call…

  • thund3rbay

    don’t reboot your phone… or you will loose totaly the network… phone without reboot work great… phone with reboot… don’t get any network now !

    • alphs22

      If the network is down it doesn’t matter if you rebooted or not.

    • thund3rbay

      Because after reboot you loose all service

    • Darryl Mayo

      Too late……but thanks for the warning.:{)

  • ToniCipriani

    Same site says Bell is having problems too. I do notice my Google Talk kept losing connection, but otherwise seems working.

    • Jason

      My Bell phone is working fine

  • Henry Parajuli

    Its down for me as well…. from Mississauga. also, my gfs in London and my friend from oakville are all down.

    • Chris Knight

      Who cares thats all the same area.

  • Daniel Hiltz

    My Office is all telus phones. . . Blackberry are working. iPhones are not receiving calls or texts or data . . . but corporate emails work (wifi is turned off) . Dartmouth, NS

  • Jazmin Camille

    Down in North Eastern Ontario

  • Dano B.

    seems fine for me in Gatineau

  • Wesley Adair

    Down in Beamsville, Ont.

  • Leo Milligan

    Up and down like a yo yo in Moose Jaw, Sask.

  • Chris

    no LTE but 4G back

  • cayaguy

    LTE works

  • badmankatink

    Down in Calgary, all of Calgary. How do you run a business with phones down!! Damn Telus

    • timrobson

      Not all of Calgary. I’m sending this from a Telus phone in Calgary, and have had service throughout. On a 3G phone though.

  • Lexcyn

    Up in Northern Ontario KOODO is running fine.

  • Yanis Sauvé

    In Saguenay, QC. Line with data is down. Line with voice only seems ok for now.

  • Devhux

    I was able to call my voicemail on Koodo in Calgary

  • James Vandine

    Mine went down around 3 and still nothing, yet friend is still online with service. makes no sense. i’m android where he was iphone.

  • ak

    started for us at approximately 2:55pm EST, in Guelph, ON.

  • cayaguy

    LTE in Vancouver works fine. Instagram, grindr, everything’s working. LOLZ

  • AdamJames

    Calgary it is out.

  • Henry Parajuli

    its working now.

  • HelloCDN

    Down in Vancouver.

  • Chris Knight

    Winnipeg is hit too

  • ihaydentaylor

    JUST GOT SERVICE BACK, refresh your phones

  • yddtime

    Works for me in downtown Calgary.

  • ps4rh

    Seems back up now.

  • Jason Robertson

    Still dead in Windsor for Telus

  • HelloCDN

    Network is back, along with LTE, in Vancouver. However, stragely, 3G/4G isn’t working lol

  • Chris Knight

    Winnipeg might be back

  • Mayoo

    Red leader, standing by.

  • Darcy Latta

    Mobile data down in Regina, spotty voice service

  • LeTechnophile

    Was down in Montreal. Tried turning it off and on again (simply used Airplane mode) and it worked! 😉

  • Bruno

    It’s totally down in Etobicoke!

  • F Young

    Koodoo data and voice running in New Brunswick.

  • magesnz

    Right now its ok in Sept-Iles, Quebec, but signal is going up and down….

  • Deb Graham

    no service here in Lindsay Ontario. This really sucks. We should get some sort of discount!

  • Deb Graham

    it is up now in my area… Lindsay, Ontario.

  • Stephen K

    Got 3 text messages all at once. Time stamp on them was about an hour in the past. I’m in Fredericton, NB. Strange sense there are no Telus towers in NB. Working Now though.

  • HelloCDN

    Lol considering how fast it was resolved, may be Telus just forgot to pay their bill to Bell 🙂

  • Peter Zhao

    No Data in Calgary D:

    • Zig

      Wetaskiwin down

  • Maddie

    mines still down here in north vancouver.. 🙁

  • kieboy

    Data is down here in Regina 🙁

  • Jebus

    Working fine in Burnaby

  • J. W.

    Well, that was a much quicker recovery compared to Rogers’s last outage.

  • Danny Correa

    So we all should get something free cause services is down so long for waiting.