Any.DO for iOS and Android gets UI revamp as company prepares to launch calendar app

Daniel Bader

June 5, 2013 2:04pm


Any.Do, the popular task app that just raised $3.5 million in funding, has revealed a cleaner, revamped UI in its iOS and Android apps today.

While not a huge departure from previous versions, the gesture-friendly interface is now more minimalistic (if that’s even possible) and user-friendly, focusing on one-tap or single-gesture movements to actions various tasks.

The app also received a new logo, again focusing on simplicity, in its drive to curate the perfect productivity experience on mobile. Along with competent offline Chrome web, Any.DO has released a new Content Provider service for Android developers to integrate a user’s tasks or notes into third-party applications. This is the first step towards Any.DO becoming a platform of sorts, more than just a set of standalone apps.

Any.DO is also about to launch a new calendar app, Any.DO Cal, though details are sparse at the moment.

Download Any.DO for Android and iOS.

  • Dave Grant

    It seems to require manual syncing with Google Tasks which is annoying.

    All these task apps allow sharing, but few seem to offer sharing with (automatic) syncing. Didn’t test the sharing feature but it looks like it’s the same (no auto-sync).

  • Shyuan

    Previous font and logo look much better.

  • Anthony Lu

    Very excited about the new cal app..