BlackBerry A10 rumoured to launch in November


  • Brett Gilley

    Will they call it the Warthog?

  • Humberto Giambrone

    November? Can’t always be one step behind the competition guys. Step it up.

    • Dave

      They might be behind currently, but they’re closing the gap, step by step. Jeez dude why do you have to hate on them for taking another step forward? Other companies i.e apple, samsung, sony, LG have other markets (captial/revenue) to fall back on to further their ventures on other areas. The fact that Blackberry is still moving forward, and arguably keeping catching up with other companies, shows their ability to adapt and the company’s desire to not be left in the dust

    • Tyrone Thomas

      Explain how this device can “catch up” with anyone. Specs alone won’t do it. All the other high end devices right now have similar specs. BB is still missing quality apps and more importantly services. By no means are they “dead” as some say but they better have some software enhancements up their sleeve if they want to compete.

    • rmonster

      They’ve got a really interesting UI design. If they can get their app system together, they’ll really have something unique and useful. I’m an iPhone user and the next most appealing system right now is the Blackberry. In a couple years, I hope they’re an actual competitive force; it seems like they have a lot of good ideas.

    • Magnus

      How many fart-apps do you really need?

    • Tyrone Thomas

      Key word is “quality”. Everyone obviously has their own preference but their selection is pretty weak compared to iOS and Android and top it all off, BBM going multi-platform isn’t going to bring them more BB10 users either. So like I said in my prior comment, the specs of this A10 device won’t make a bit of difference unless it has a solid OS with apps and services that can compete with Android and iOS which I doubt at this point they’ll be able to do. Which means that less than 3% worldwide market share BlackBerry has ain’t gonna get any bigger anytime soon and I would hardly call that “keeping up”.

    • Magnus

      The app argument keeps getting weaker for every day it’s getting really tiresome, it is a brand new OS, you cannot expect 1 million apps from day 1, they do add thousands of apps every week and will soon have more apps than Windows. In BB10.2 in a few months we will get Jellybean 4.2.2 so even more Android apps can be run on BB10 without any problem, already you can run Netflix on BB10. Also BB10 has the best support for html5 and the appmarket will change the coming 2-3 years from native local apps to html5, try and look outside the box. The OS is the best out there and the apps are coming fast one way or the other.

    • Tyrone Thomas

      I would say the OS is “different”, whether it’s the best is a matter of personal opinion. Which is exactly the problem. There is next to nothing currently on the BB platform that is going to sway a large of chunk of average customers away from what they are already using. It simply doesn’t do anything enormously better then what’s already out there. In other words, BB10 is solid….but so is iOS and so is Android. Yes, BB will add more apps as time goes on but once again they really aren’t doing anything fundamentaly different then their competitors. In short, its not enough for them to “catch up”….unless of course they are satified with being #3.

    • Magnus

      Since most people thought they would be dead by now I do believe they are satisfied being #3 at the moment. Anything above 5% global marketshare would be a huge win and since they will make a profit selling just 12 million BB10 per year 5% would make them a very profitable company. Also today they release a new infotainment system for cars, their QNX system is already market leader and installed in over 50 million cars, BB10 is based on QNX, with a BB10 smartphone and a QNX system in your car you do have something that Apple or Samsung can not provide. Plus they still have superior security.

    • Tyrone Thomas

      The car thing is actually intriguing but not a game breaker yet. We’ll see how things go saleswise by the end of the year.

    • Tyrone Thomas

      As for those Android, from my own experience and from what I’ve seen written, those apps are pretty laggy and aren’t integrated into the OS anyway. Last I heard it was running on an outdated version of Android Gingerbread (I might be wrong on that though). It would be better for BlackBerry to leave Android alone and focus its time on it’s own platform. As for increasing market share wiwth new devies it’s possible, especially for the Q10 as it has pretty much no competition for a physical keyboard device, but don’t forget there are another slew of devices on the way from other OEMs (Moto X, Note 3, iPhone 5s, Nexus 5, HTC Phablet, eg). So with that things may not move very much. Especially with BlackBerry just announcing that they’re looking into getting BBM pre-installed in competitor’s devices. I don’t see how putting their biggest selling point on other devices will get them more BB10 users (other than those upgrading from older BB devices). All in all, we will see by year’s end how thing look.

    • Tyrone Thomas

      And that’s just the problem…..people done got tired 2 years ago of waiting for BlackBerry to scratch the surface which is why many (including myself) left the platform. Now please do not get me wrong, as I’ve said in a few posts prior, am I not saying BlackBerry is dead (so this is no “troll” post). BB10 is in fact a solid OS and I am glad that they finally put something out that wasn’t embarassing and it does have potential. It just has nothing new to offer that most users would actually leave another platform for and in this highly competitive smartphone market, to say they just scratched the surface doesn’t sound like anything different from what they’ve been saying for the past 4-5 years. So while BB is scratching away at “potential”, millions more people will be buying Android and iOS devices. The numbers prove that and unless they do something on the software side (the hardware spec race is over) that completely differentiates themselves from everyone else, I wouldn’t expect much more from boys in Waterloo.

    • Tyrone Thomas

      Granted, that BlackBerry has other projects going for it. But so do their competitors. Apple keeps their projects very close to the chest so you won’t here any concrete details until they are ready for release. On the Google side it is well known that they have projects going on in pretty much every area of life aside from the more publicized ones (Glass, TV, driverless cars). So really the whole car thing is a moot point because there is no guarantee that it is going to take off or that BlackBerry’s competitors won’t have offering of integrations in other areas that won’t trump BlackBerry. I put my focus on the smartphone market because that’s what matters right now and for the foreseeable near future. All this other stuff about integration in cars, TVs, glasses and watches is still just niche at the moment and may not really reach mass adoption for quite some time. As for 10.2 it beter come correct or else it might just get swept away by the competition coming from iOS7 and Android 5.0. So once again while BlackBerry is working on some cool stuff, they still have a ton of catching up to do.

    • Tyrone Thomas

      So….with all that said, the only way this rumoured A10 device will make any real dent in the smartphone market is if BlackBerry plans a major OS update and brings some features that benefits users to the point where they are willing to switch platforms for. The specs alone won’t do it. That was the original reason behind my post.

    • Tyrone Thomas

      You’re clearly wrong. As said the spec race is pretty much done as most high end devices have pretty good specs all around (including BB to a degree). This is the reason why people are now having silly arguments over build quality (HTC One vs GS4).The 1st gen argument is pointless because at this point ain’t nobody waiting around for a platform to develop. The smartphone market is MUCH more mature then it was when Android and iOS started out. There’s a ton more choice for consumers now. Most people would much rather pick a device that has a mature platform behind. That’s like me saying Ubuntu is gonna takeover. This is why I’m saying BlackBerry is late to the party. Now who knows what can happen in a few years. Maybe BlackBerry will make me eat my words. Maybe they’ll come out with some amazing stuff (like that Quantum physics stuff the former CEO has got people working on in Waterloo) but it ain’t like Apple and Google are just gonna sit still. This is why I say even if BB10 has potential beyond it, and is solid, I have yet to see how they are going to seriously close the gap beyond 3%….5% at best.

    • Dave

      What services are you talking about? Google Now or siri? I barely use GN, besides the widget for the weather and sports scores. But that’s just convenience now, before I would just do an online search for it, not all that big of a difference. The hover to read text? I personally thought that was lame. If i don’t have time/ability to respond to a text i probably wont read it either. People need to stop arguing the app point, There are like tens (hundreds) of thousands of apps.. i’ve got like 50? I Use on a daily basis like 10? BlackBerry has the essentials: social networking apps, online storage apps, weather apps, map app, email. The one app I would absolutely need is a good Sudoku app. Edit: Although admittedly Netflix would be cool to have but I have my N7 that has access to my 6 gigs of data that can take the battery drain of streaming video.

    • Tyrone Thomas

      And that’s your preference and your more than entitled that. Like I said every one has their own preference. I’m not bashing BlackBerry as BB10 is a decent effort albeit quite late to the party. The sales numbers alone prove that the vast majority of people are satisfied with an iOS or Android experience and a new phone with “xx” processor speed, “xx” screen size means nothing. This has less to do your preferences or mine and more to do with how this device could possible dramatically increase BlackBerry’s user base. I mean they are barely competing for 3rd place, and that third place is less than 3% of smartphone users globally which is why I’m confused when people say BlackBerry is “keeping up” It would be more safe to say they’re tied to a rope that close to circling the drain. And iOS7 and Key Lime Pie around the corner it ain’t gonna get any easier. If they have any chance it’ll come from BB10 updates and not any specific device.

    • rocmon

      Tyrone, I hope you don’t have kids… and if you do I hope you aren’t as ‘glass-half-empty’ when rasing them!

    • rocmon

      ‘quality apps’ – what a scum bag statement dude!
      how abot a friggen phone that actually works – got so many friends who are constantly ragging about how their iCult device can’t make ‘quality’ phone calls!

    • Tyrone Thomas

      Sorry but your friends make up a very small spectrum of the smartphone market…..

    • rocmon

      As do you troll!

    • Tyrone Thomas

      Just speaking the truth….

    • Azix

      Not sure that would put them behind. There’s no need to have the greatest and latest, although that makes competition simpler. They would be in the range of top end phones.

  • Eric

    too bad I already bought the z10

  • Rich

    I want a Z10 blowout!

  • hunkyleepickle

    The question is, if this is their new ‘top tier’ device, will they price it higher than what they assured us was their best in the z10?

    • Dan L

      Hopefully the Z10 will drop in price and the new one will come in at the Z’s current price point. That’s the way the last few new flagship phones have come into the market for the other brands.

  • FuzzyFish6

    Have a Z10, will sell it and get this instead! Glad it’s not a phablet/tablone!

  • iPlunks

    Sucks for Z10 owners

    • racer911


      You will never have the “newest” phone with the way that the industry is moving. Any new phone is outdated 2-3 months after its launch. Something better is always right around the corner.

    • Tyrone Thomas

      The specs on that A10 based on its release date may already be outdated by the time it’s released.

    • iPlunks

      I get you, but honestly 4-5 months?

    • iPlunks

      Sorry, it said November

  • Jason Lalonde

    People saying “Sucks I got a Z10” get over it. Your Z10 is still an amazing phone – YOU feel the need to buy a new one for a minor upgrade. Nobody’s fault but your own. The year is 2013. “wah I bought an iPhone 5 and the NEW iPhone is out next month” That’s how this works. If you didn’t know that, stay home or stop complaining.

    I’m glad Blackberry is keeping up with everone. Their new OS is incredible – they need to close the gap with apps or join with someone to help them. I don’t know anyone “loving their new windows phone” lol

    • Stephen

      Except the Z10 isn’t an amazing phone

    • johentie

      have u tried it? no? ok sit down please..

    • kr_metal

      loving their new windows phone

      … hi. design won me over.

  • Super_Deluxe

    Thank god I held out on the Z10. Will get this beast if these specs hold true!

  • dfsdf

    This is what the Z10 should have been

  • iPlunks

    I don’t get why people just don’t accept Blackberry for what it is. Its a good device. Having a android app player is just cop out and has no creditability to stand on its own. You don’t need Android to be a success. Believe in the product.

  • Sweet

    I’m really hoping it will have a built-in fingerprint scanner to replace passwords.

  • mggOptimusG

    Might change my OG with this if it holds true. But I still hope they bring a removable battery. My OG in not nearly enough even though I get 150% more battery time than my old i4s.