White Nexus 4 Bumper and Wireless Charger appear on Eastlink’s accessory lineup

Ian Hardy

February 15, 2013 7:02am

The newest wireless carrier to launch in Canada is Halifax-based Eastlink. The company took their their time and has released a slew of new handsets and offered up various competing monthly rate plans. We wrote extensively about this yesterday – check it out here. Device selection ranges from BlackBerry to Android, missing is Windows Phone, but as a first round Eastlink has done a solid job bringing desired devices to their new customers.

Eastlink somehow managed to bring the 16GB Nexus 4 to their lineup. The price is a bit high at $129 on the ‘easyTab’ or $499 outright, but listed in their accessory section are bumpers – in both white and black for $24.99. Currently Google Play only lists a black version, but this new white Bumper would go amazing with the recently leaked white Nexus 4.

In addition to the Bumper is the Wireless Charger. This was released via Google Play earlier this week, but was not available to us Canadians. Again, somehow Eastlink has found a route to make this available in Canada.

Source: Eastlink
(Thanks Scott!)

  • Mike_SS

    Eastlink looks very much like the Big3 and their babies ( Koodo, Fido, …) when it comes to pricing…

  • Scott

    I’d say its a bit better. For what I pay $55 now with Bell, be under $40 with the bundle discount with Eastlink.

  • David N

    Its not available yet-They are on the way. Spoke to a rep at the spring garden location.

  • 3Yr Contract

    -N4 for $499 ($563 NET)
    -Wireless charger for $70 ($79 Net)

    -N4 $430 (NET) shipped and taxes in
    -Wireless charger $60 ($69 Net)

    Its “Your call”

    • Chris

      Don’t forget shipping from Google, probably 5 or 10 dollars. Plus HST if you’re in a lucky province like NS. So not a bad price over all for walking into a store and picking it up.

  • wotzit2ya

    Wow Apple pricing

  • Dan

    I called the Spring Garden location re: the charger. Got a similar story to David_N, not in stock, it’s a new product, don’t know when we’ll be getting any.

  • PeachState

    It looks like the white Nexus 4 as well not just the bumper.

    • David N

      Just a TPU case it looks like