More pictures surface of the Google Nexus 4 in white


  • Rich

    Looks just like the black one, except that it’s white!

    • EvanK

      Thanks inspector.

    • soufyane

      U d’ont say!!!

    • phreezerburn

      …and just as unavailable.

  • Buy on the Rumours Sell on the News

    White is not my cup of tea, but one could buy a white and a black N4 almost for the same price of the BB-Fail 10 at $650!

    • turtle jack

      Nexus 4 is the ONLY phone of its caliber in a $350 price range. What are you trying to say here, exactly? Every other high-end phone is $600+.

      And yes, I will be buying a Nexus 5 outright when it comes out, if the price remains more or less the same as Nexus 4.

    • Chris

      Exactly, turtle. I am not buying either device necessarily, but I never understand all this talk about N4 pricing. Firstly, that’s only direct from Google; carrier pricing is already proving more expensive! Secondly, it’s the only device on the market priced that way.

      Mind you, I would love for it to set a new pricing trend but that is sadly an unlikely outcome. I’m all for complaining about pricing to make companies take notice, but a phone can’t fail because it is priced inline with 99%+ of the market!

  • skazzberry 2.0

    GO ANDROID! So beautiful and cheap!

  • techie01

    Looks Like LG made this phone PASS!

  • spyderwraith

    @ buy on the rumours: Two Nexus 4 16gb go for 770$ and change which includes shipping/taxes (at the moment assuming shipping never changes

    • Buy on the Rumours Sell on the News

      You are right I made a HUGE mistake!:
      Two Nexus 16GB go for $770 All IN
      (Assuming you get charged the $16 shipping fee Two times even if you buy them at the same time)

      ONE Z10 goes for $650*1.13=$734.50 All IN!

      So TWO N4 16GB are MORE EXPENSIVE THAN ONE Z10 by $35.50

      -Your Call people: Two N4 or one Z10 word of caution: the two N4 will be $35.50 more expensive!

    • blah

      @ Buy on the Rumours Sell on the News
      Your math is wrong. Show your work.

  • Buy on the Rumours Sell on the News

    Just as predicted:

    The N4 is STILL AVAILABLE in Canada on BB10 Launch-date!

    You see that RIM, ahem BB??

    One can only live on leaks for so long in the Game of Thrones, ahem Phones!

    I expect the N4 to be conveniently out of stock tomorrow or by Friday, and then BACK IN STOCK on Feb 5th ( when people will be able to touch the Z10 and figure out if they want to pay $650 for it or just get two nexus for the same dough)

    BB KILLED THE PHONE on arrival with that ridiculous price!
    All Google has to do is keep the N4 in stock for a couple of weeks during the launch of the Z10 to avoid getting any traction and once there is a lack of buzz, they can go back to out of stock…and force us to get the N4 from operators at $500…which is still way better than the Z10 with tiny battery (But SD Card!) at $650.

    • nexus 4 life

      I could not have said it better myself my friend. I knew blackberry with Die on arrival. let’s focus on this beautiful white sure Nexus. since I already won a black one which is still sexy black and thick and chocolatey. I will be buying this white 1 for my wife. so I can be like Angelina Jolie and adopt many multiracial babie. black and white are the best combination wouldn’t you agree

  • kool

    I wish the sparkles were black when lights hits it….

  • Word

    if the front is white too this is a definite upgrade from my galaxy nexus! if not i’ll just get an optimus g

  • Reny8

    Of course, Nexus 4 comes back into stock, just about to buy, and then suddenly there are pictures of it in white. I have always wanted a white phone and have been settling for black every time. Now I’m torn, buy it so I get one at all or wait and see if the white becomes available? Gah!

  • Cyrano

    err. .. cant they make the front in white as well?

  • Superfly

    Black front…..with a case on it will look the same as the black one. Sucker crap.

    • Gsizzle

      K buy a Bumper instead of the full body case.

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    Dimitri k. will be commenting on the price of this phone from every carrier shortly.

    I’m gonna out TOOL this troll of a b’atch!!

  • Rob

    Can anybody explain why the back of the device is always white but there is not white on the front screen? I’m just curios as to why companies do this.

  • 4real

    Up until yesterday when I ordered the Nexus4, I had a (somewhat meaningless) debate going on in my head: go for the htc one x because I like the sleek and white look of it or the nexus 4 which is a better package deal with recent specs. I just got owned and feel so abused >_<. Such a tease.

  • ActivesiN

    looks really nice! , contemplating selling my black to get a white now 🙁

  • Bri

    imo, I think the white back and black front is ugly.. it’s just not looking good!!
    why not make it all white..

  • Dave

    LG quality? Something that I have to think over.

  • mynameissexy

    This is michael jackson…

  • rockman

    Always bet on black (almost always looks better for electronics!)

  • metoo

    Front is still all black, like white Galaxy Nexus and white Nexus S did. Looks silly.

    • nexs

      ahem, front of white nexus s was white

  • MrMastodonFarm

    I have little doubt if this becomes available soon on GooglePlay we’ll see a similar price drop like the Nexus 7.

  • ProPAL

    I’m going to wager this phone will only be available for Google IO attendee’s like the white Nexus 7 never seen ever on sale….