TELUS Q4 results bring subscriber base to 7.67 million, ARPU to $60.95


  • Apple

    Wow great work Telus. Those creatures obviously know from that Harlem Shake video.

  • lukeiphone

    Damn thats a very big ARPU. I wonder when would WIND mobile reach at that level? Maybe never?

  • wewewi

    ARPU raise due to strong adoption of notoriously near-criminal rates protected by oligarchy.

  • screamer

    If telus want they can double it easly. Down with the price and more service and there you go you get us all!

  • Sum guy

    I was surprised when we took a driving trip out to Gaspe and the Maritimes in the summer and found Telus service everywhere with very little Rogers or Bell presence for large chunks of the trip, especially along the St. Lawrence to Gaspe. Interesting, that Telus is catching up to the other two, despite not having the same degree of assetts in cable/satellite TV. They seem to be more focused on the cell side of things.

    • ShadowCruiserNB

      It is impossible that Telus has different cellular coverage than Bell. They share the same towers!

  • Bill Murray

    All you gotta do in this business is offer phones for 0$ on activation.

  • snafuf

    And the pigs continue to feed and get fatter…..ill stick to wind thanks

  • Aly

    If you all only knew…WIND/Mobilicity are realizing the hard way…they need to spend much more money to have a decent network in Canada. We have a messed up situation here, the math doesn’t work; too much surface area to cover with such a small population. We also have a GREAT network from Bell & Telus, hence why we have a $60 ARPU. People complain without knowing the numbers. For example, if Telus provides a $600 handset subsidy and a $300 commission to the seller, it takes them 15 months just to recuperate their up front costs at $60/month. Then customers get another subsidy after 24 months, which leaves Telus 9 months to make a profit, and pay for all of their other costs like network, customer service, etc. Sounds fun hey?

    • snafuf

      Aly – I’m sure you are not spouting the entire truth…how did telus stay in business just a short time ago when their arpu was in the 40’s ? They continue to make hand over fist…and charge people an exorbitant amount.

  • Team BB

    Snafuf – Subsidies for devices were no where nearly as high as they are today. The price of devices has gone up so much (thanks Apple), that in order to recoup the aqusition costs, you need a higher ARPU to survive.

  • Team BB

    Also, TELUS has had an ARPU range in high $50’s to low $60’s for sometime now. Not sure how long ago they would have been in the $40’s, but it would have been way before the smart phone boom.

  • Good

    Easy to make that much money when Canadian government has anti-foreign company laws (protection laws) to protect these overrated Canadian companies. Funny how none of these Canadian companies offer their services outside of Canada. I guess that’s got to do with how these companies wouldn’t be able to survive against real competition. Shame on Canadian government for protecting these garbage companies and screwing little guy over.