RIM’s BlackBerry 10 devices will be available “not too long after” the January 30th unveiling


  • rk.

    depends on what RIM’s definition of “not too long” is

    • some guy

      Going by the Storm… 2014. 😉


      rip rim


      before Christmas 2013????

    • Nowhere

      This confirms that BB10 phones WILL NOT BE RELEASED on January 31st…just as expected.

    • Nowhere

      “Jan 30th is 2.5 months away”
      -So what??
      -People interested in a BBphone (the few) still have to wait for “Not Too long”

      But this is after:
      Coming This summer,
      Coming in September, Coming in February 2012, Coming by the end of Q1, and now coming “not too long” after Jan30th???

      -Am I the only one that finds this hilarious??
      -What RIM says has Zero value, their credibility is non-existent.

      Now let’s get back to reality!: The N4 is out of stock,lots of tablet wars, the W8 phones and this is only November!

    • RealDeal

      When Apple or Google have a launch event are their new devices available that same day? No! Why would you think RIM would? This article is just troll food.

    • Morning Wood

      I for one will be buying one of these bad boys on Jan 30th!

  • hrqd

    So we’ll have a paper launch that day…

    • pacalis

      RIM seems switched their business model from producing phones to producing “just wait” press releases.

  • Richard Singh

    Seeing that RIM has had issues meeting any of their own deadlines, I wouldn’t hold my breath that we will see anything on January 30th nevermind a device ‘not too long’ after that.

    Such a frustrating company.

    • bb

      stop living in the past. Thorstein has kept every promise he has made so far…old management maybe not…have some faith

  • John

    You sinking every day and you launch next year?

  • mike

    This will be RIMS biggest biggest mistake they could ever make. Not releasing the devices for the christmas rush. Everyone will be buying all their new devices for christmas and when January 30th comes to release bb 10 devices, people won’t be buying them cause everyone already have their new devices from christmas. RIM keeps making the worse mistakes all the time. And thid one is a huge mistake.

    • Fatz

      According to the carriers, most phones purchased around the Christmas/Q4 period are prepaid.

    • RealDeal

      Who gifts highend smartphones? Seriously, I can see buying a prepaid phone for a teen or gramma, but who would buy a $600-700 off contract device for someone, it’s got to be a pretty small market. Hardly a nail in the coffin, not that they need any more.

    • Danny

      I don’t see this as being a mistake in regards to the release date and missing the christmas rush. Anyone that wants a BB10 phone is going to wait for it at this point christmas is a non issue, anyone who is getting a phone for xmas now probably never would have gotten a blackberry anyways. the people that want bb10 are going to wait for it thats the bottom line so i don’t think rim is missing out on anyways. Plus there are always new people up for renewal. how do Iphone users get a new phone every year? If BB10 impresses then people will buy regardless of when it is released.

    • Porilaisten

      Agreed, contracted cell phones are a terribly complicated gift. The individual has to be present, credit checks, coordinated activations, blah blah blah. Boxing day/week would be the only bad time to miss because of the lower prices and people would gift themselves a phone.

    • Don

      To my wife: I don’t want a phone for Christmas, I want something more personal.

  • Ruddias

    Sorry rim, you took too long. I was looking into bb10 but you kept pushing back the deadline. Their what used to be super pixel dense screens will be surpassed by 1080p screens. And it’s still 2+ months away.

    • RealDeal

      Research has shown that at a distance of 1 foot or greater the human eye cannot distinguish PPI above 300. So a 1080P screen is nearly useless on a phone smaller than 7″ and at that size it isn’t really a phone anymore. So my question is how close do you hold your phone to your face?

  • spanky

    Hey, that’s bright! One month after Christmas is over – maybe longer, someone need their heine kicked (right out of rim) seriously!

    • Simon

      Did you ever think that most Corporation budgets reset January 1?

  • Simon

    I don’t understand how people criticize something that they haven’t even tried yet? Wait for it, if you don’t like what you see or hear after it is released don’t buy one, no one is forcing you too.

  • Drew Moreberry

    Corporations and business(RIM’s bread and butter) don’t care about the holiday purchase season in regards to buying their employees new devices. Fiscals end in Jan/Feb typically, this is when companies look to do purchases.

    Arm chair CEO’s, you don’t run billion dollar corporations for a reason. None one here(including myself) has a freaking clue as to how well this is going to work.

  • Plazmic Flame

    As long as they give a “launch date” for the devices on January 30th, then I will be fine. No release date and I’m gonna burn this mutha down!

  • Benz

    Gimme gimmie!!!!

  • dive4ever

    If your doctor told you that you had I year to live, you would probably be thinking “that’s not too long”. Not too hopeful that they will be released all that “soon after”.

  • Ryan Robinson

    I don’t imagine them taking until March. Over a month between the unveil and availability would be stupid. I figure a week before we start seeing them on some carriers, maybe about 3 weeks before most of the big ones have them.

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    OMG next year release? Wait, next year is 2 months away….

    Grow up people. Half of you talk like ritalin addicted children looking for shiny things.

  • Josh L

    Actually quite excited about this. BB10 looks very cool. I still have 2 years left on my contract to make up my mind about which way to go. Android again, WP8 or BB10…

  • technathan

    It’s too bad we won’t see BB10 devices in stores until February at the EARLIEST. I’m interested to see what RIM has been working on, but Christmas is definitely the time when LOTS of people are buying new smartphones, myself included. Don’t think I can wait…

    • sp

      no actually not a lot of people would be buying during Christmas time.

      thats the worse time to change cell phones…

  • sp

    lol my wallet is ready for this…

    where do i throw my money at RIM??

  • JV

    Though launching for the Christmas season would have been ideal for BB. It is Very clear that they ran out of time as soon as October came around. A company needs at least a couple of months to market their product aggresivley for the Christmas season. Being at BB has been away from the spotlight for so long they would not have had the time to market appropriately for their upcoming OS. Considering their time constraints as well as their push to get developers to por t and develop games for their BB10 Ecosystem, it is wise for them to wait it out, and unveil and push out their upcoming products in the new year. Yes it is true that they will miss out on this years 4th quarter earnings However, their release of this OS will mean they will have an entire year to push thier product, and get people to turn their heads (pending the OS is up to par and offers up something to the consumer that many people are looking for the Android and IOS cant deliver (like perhaps a OS that actually can Multitask with easy and no lag, as well as Actually not be power hungry OS so maybe we can start to see battery life last a Entire day with Heavy use)). so when people start to see what i hope is a very desirable OS, and start to see how that OS could benefit and fill a need that their current phone or ecosystem does not fill, people will then start to drive thier market the whole year round. Then when the 4th quarter of 2013 come around and thier are even more BB10 devices available, and more Apps, and he ecosystem is on more solid ground we can start to see a much larger set of people rushing during the Christmas season to by much more products that BB may have lost forever had they rushed the process and simply done a half-assed job. BB is learning from the past, they have been producing half baked, and under powered devices trying to compete with different OS that have them over powered. Acutally taking the time to get it right is the right path. Rushing it has only brought their shares down. they should have played slow down and catch up in 2008 when Android came to the ring to compete, but instead they choose to be hasty. Planning and patience will always win out over hasty and unplanned halfbaked halfassed effort

    • Mr Mystery

      Which RIM has always done in the past, half assed

  • Is this WP8

    Finally, for the first time in at least 2 years there will be a 3rd platform that is attractive up front, and for the next phone you get after switching to a new ecosystem


    Ontarians and their damn useless technology companies. After Nortel, they’ll just bankrupt and sell the remaining patents to competitors.

  • Newbie1

    The ‘Christmas Rush’ does not just mean that phones are being gifted. A big part of the Christmas cell phone rush are holiday plans offered by providers.

    For instance, I have been waiting to get a NOTE 2 till before Christmas. Why? The price gets cheaper- or at the very least Best Buy will give me a gift card. Not to mention if switching to another provider on a new Holiday plan.

  • Titoeuf

    Why some of you are hating RIM so much?

    Sometimes I feel like you just fear RIM’s success…

    Usually, after an event like this, the device are release 1 to 3 weeks after. This would mean middle of Februray.

    Release in Q1 2013 – Check

  • UR Mom

    Can’t wait for bb10 on my playbook

  • Jerry

    Considering their last flagship the Bold 9900 was released on August 9, 2011 we are going to be 18 months without a phone from RIM. Way too long in my opinion. Considering it was May 2, 2011 they announced the Bold 9900 and took 3-7 months to release it on most carriers. I don’t have much faith left in RIM. Even if they do release in Feb and they are matched with a 3.7 inch screen and a dual core processor it will still be behind the times.

    • Titoeuf

      Why would they be beind the times?

      From the leaks and announceent we have for now, their device are up to date and even more : 356ppi, NFC, 2800mA batteries, QNX powered os…

      BB10 OS have a lot of innovative features too: new touch keyboard, time machine camera, blackberry hub…

      Innovation is there, they’re not behind the times at all. Not have a device release in 18 months doesn’t mean a thing, they still can deliver two awesome devices.

    • JArvis

      I can understand if you are commenting out of bad sentiment, but if you look at the actuals in terms of company shake up and action… Thorstin hasn’t missed any promises that HE has made thus far. The level of communication and engagement coming from RIM to everyone is infinitely better.

      Looking at it objectively, noone should judge until there is an actual misstep under this new management.

    • Jerry

      I do wish RIM the best, I was a BB user for 7 years and they were a great company. I don’t follow crackberry anymore so I am not up on the rumours of what the new phones might have. I think RIM has a tough and challenging road ahead with Android and Apple’s dominance.

  • Betty

    please let me PRE ORDER!!!!

  • pacalis

    A real question I have is how RIM can convince suppliers to commit to volume sales. For example, it’s one thing to promote a 356ppi screen, it’s another to get a huge long term order for them secured. I think the BB10 release is going to be a dribble of phones.

  • Mike

    One thing that also gets me away from a blackberry is not enough apps in the market. If Rim launches BB10 next year (February) with the same amount and the same apps android or IOS has and the device is a solid Operating system, I’m all for switching from My Android Devive to a BB10, but if Rim releases BB10 with the same Sh@tty apps they had on the previous Blackberry’s then I will definitely not be switching. The whole point to a high end smartphone is all about good Apps. Without them the smartphone is useless and boring to use.

    • Titoeuf

      As a BB10 independant developer, I’m staying up to date with the develpment tools and RIM’s developer site. I can tell you that, from my experience, the ease of developement is good enought to attract a lot of developer.

      It is also an interesting thing from a developer point of view to build for a new platform since you have your chance to place your product to be the best of its kind.

      I also know from the news I see, that RIM with working with big companies for them to port their apps on BB10 and a lot of apps are already submitted for launch. Recently, they even emailed some developer to tell them that they will port their Playbook app on BB10 without any action needed from the developer.

      Futhermore, RIM is helding a lot of developer event for BB10 all around the globe.
      Even more, they are putting in place incitatives to develop quality apps like the 10k reasons to believe program.

      To sum it all, their developer relation is awesome, it is really interesting for a developer to invest his time in making apps for the platform, or at least porting them.

      Yes, they will have a lot of apps on launch, and quality apps too!

  • bb10

    is this bb10?

  • fanberry10

    I absolutely want BB10 has my next Phone!!…Please Mobilicity bring these BB10 Phones, I’ll be the first in line. Love it!

  • fanberry10

    Like I said I can wait 2 months…Patience is a virtue!

  • ace

    they lost a real chance at getting the back to school crowd, as well as the christmas shopping crowd… not very good timeline for RIM.

  • TriD

    BB10! Microkernels OMG!!!

  • Jess

    And valentines gift to myself

  • Jaybee

    Feb release, the marketing campaign would be good then. Fall in love with Blackberry all over again this valentines.

  • ace

    and on january 31st… expect product to be released sometime ‘in the near future’

  • BCCaper

    Typical RIM… “not too long” usually means pushed back 1 or 2 quarters. Maybe if they didn’t procrastinate so much they wouldn’t be left with a do or die situation when BB10 is launched. Still crossing mt fingers the new devices will be out in Feb.