Tesla Cybertruck appears on the streets of Quebec City

Is this the first Cybertruck sighting in Canada?

Tesla’s odd but undeniably unique-looking Cybertruck has been spotted in the wild in the United States several times over the past few weeks (including this one with what looks like a matte black wrap), but this might be the first time the eagerly anticipated vehicle has made an appearance in Canada.

Phil G shared photos of the elusive electric truck cruising down a Quebec City street (via Tesla North). The photos are a bit blurry, but it’s clearly Elon Musk’s odd-looking pickup. The first image (see above) seems a little more posed and appears to be taken low to the ground from the side of the highway (how did someone get this shot? We’ll likely never know).

That massive front windshield wiper really does look ridiculous. Image credit: Phil G

There’s a strong possibility this is the first sighting of the Cybertruck in Canada. Back in late October, Telsa confirmed that it would start delivering Cybertruck orders to select customers in late November, so in theory, this could be one of the first to make its way north of the U.S. border.

Tesla’s Cybertruck cruising down the highway just outside of Montreal.

It’s unclear if the Cybertruck driver was on their way to purchase poutine, a steamed hot dog or a BeaverTail.

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Update 23/11/2023 4:55pm ET: According to an X post from @DriveTeslaCa, the owner of the Cybertruck was recently caught by a speed camera in Montreal.


Update 23/11/2023 3:58pm ET: A reader reached out to me with a clip of the Cybertruck driving in Montreal. Check it out below:

Thanks MyYvens

Update 22/11/2023: The first photo was shot in Quebec City and not Montreal. The story has been updated to reflect this.

Header image credit: Tesla

Source: Phil. G Via: Tesla North