Québec residents can access $45/50GB Canada-U.S. plan through Fido

Roger is offering a similarly priced plan on its 5G network, compared to Fido's 4G LTE speeds

Fido is offering Québec residents a 50GB Canada-U.S. plan.

The $45/month plan (typically $55/month) includes unlimited calls, texts, and data on 4G LTE speeds (up to 150Mbps).

Fido’s website indicates the plan is for new activations only and requires customers to bring their own phones.

It might not be the best deal for Québec residents looking for a cross-border plan as Rogers, which owns Fido, is offering a similarly priced plan on its 5G/5G+ network.

Fido’s data, talk, and text plans in Québec on November 20th.

New activations can access 50GB of data at speeds up to 1Gbps for $45/month. Unlike Fido’s offering, Rogers’ plan comes with unlimited data at a reduced speed (up to up to 512Kbps) after customers use the allotted amount.

Other plans Fido is offering in Québec include $40/40GB and $34/30GB options.

Source: Fido