Fizz expands into Western Canada with a $4/40GB plan offering

Alternatively, a 40GB Canada-U.S. plan is available for $4.40/month for six months

Fizz is now available in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary under beta testing.

Users can sign up for a 40GB plan for $4/month for six months. This plan typically costs $40/month and provides unlimited texts, minutes, and voicemail in Canada.

A 50GB monthly data option is available for $5/month. Users can select less data (between 1GB and 25GB) to see their monthly costs decrease. A no-data option is available for $2.60/month for six months.

According to the fine print, the 90 percent discount makes up for “any potential glitches that could affect and/or limit services.” Fizz offers data through an LTE network. In Ontario and Quebec, where the company already provided services, speeds are available up to 150Mpbs. However, the company hasn’t specified what the speeds in the beta testing areas are, noting it may vary based on network availability and connectivity.

New users in the three cities can alternatively sign up for Canada-U.S. coverage with the same discount. A 40GB plan will cost $4.40/month for six months, and the 50GB plan will cost $5.40/month.

Customers must reside in an eligible region to redeem the offer and have a compatible VoLTE-certified phone. Users can change their plan during the beta testing period and have the discount applied to the remaining portion of the original six-month period. Customers can also unsubscribe at any time.

More information is available on Fizz’s website.