RCS chat bubbles on iPhone will be green like SMS

Green bubble haters will still be green bubble haters

Apple recently announced plans to finally adopt RCS (Rich Communication Services), allowing Android and iPhone users to have a better texting experience with one another. Improved texts include read receipts, typing indicators and enabling messages with high-quality images and videos.

While this is awesome and puts Android devices and the iPhone on a bit more of an even playing field, Apple has confirmed that blue bubbles will still represent iMessage and green will symbolize RCS.

Unfortunately, SMS will also continue to be green bubbles, meaning there will be no visual differences between regular SMS and RCS. Further, on Android, RCS is represented by a dark blue bubble, whereas SMS is shown in lighter blue.

Apple enabling RCS on iPhone will undeniably make communication between Android and iPhone users far better. However, there will definitely still be a disparity between Android and iPhone users regarding bubble colours.

Source: 9to5Mac