DoorDash Canada dishes out its 2023 top ordering trends

Canadians' favourite restaurant was A&W, and Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers were the most ordered item

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Online food ordering and delivery company Doordash has unveiled its annual year-end food trend report, which sheds light on the most intriguing Canadian food-ordering habits of 2023.

The shortest delivery distance on orders was a mere 120 meters, and these orders took place in Toronto, Ottawa and Thunder Bay, while the most spent on a single order was a jaw-dropping $3,335 in Markham, Ontario, where the customer ordered over 30 beauty products.

The top grocery items ordered across Canada included bananas, tomatoes, eggs, and strawberries, which shows a preference for nutritious options, while Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary had the highest volume of users using DoorDash.

Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary users were also the ones who earned their status as the most energized, having ordered more caffeinated products than other Canadian cities.

The report also highlights city-specific trends, like top Canadian cities that provided the most special instructions for their orders, which was topped by Vancouver (21 million+), and Canadians’ favourite restaurants, and food, which was topped by A&W and Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers, respectively.

Check out the complete 2023 report here.

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Source: DoorDash