Google announces Assistant with Bard, an advanced AI assistant

Assistant with Bard is rolling out to iOS and Android in the coming months

At Google’s October 4th event, the company unveiled ‘Assistant with Bard,’ a more advanced version of Assistant that uses the company’s machine learning AI, Bard.

Assistant with Bard uses generative AI to create better, more intelligent, personalized digital assistants. You can interact with it through text, voice or images, and it can take actions for you. Further, the AI is integrated into your Google services like Gmail, Docs, and Maps.

You’ll be able to take a picture of where you are on a hiking trail and ask Google where to go next. Assistant with Bard would be able to provide you with details on how to get to your destination and offer more information on the hiking trails.

Google uses the example of taking a photo of your puppy and then floating the Assistant with Bard overlay on top of your photo and asking it to write a social post for you. Assistant with Bard will use the image as a visual cue to understand the contest and help you create a post.

Assistant with Bard is rolling out to early testers on the new Pixel 8 series, and then Google will bring it to the public over the next few months. Assistant with Bard is coming to Android and iOS.

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