Facebook’s AI-generated stickers allow users to make all kinds of lewd images

The AI sticker generation feature hasn't rolled out widely yet

Back in August, Meta-owned WhatsApp was reportedly working on AI-generated stickers.

The feature, which allows users to type a prompt and automatically generate stickers, still hasn’t showed up for us on WhatsApp. However, as shared by user @Pioldes on X, it’s currently available on Facebook Messenger, another Meta-owned platform.

@Pioldes spent time using the new feature and concluded that the people developing the Facebook Messenger version didn’t think it through entirely.

@Pioldes’ post on X showed how easy it was to create inappropriate stickers, including those of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The post showed several other prompts and their sticker outcomes, including “Waluigi rifle,” “child soldier,” “Karl marx large breasts,” and “mickey mouse toilet.” There’s even stickers of a woman breastfeeding Pikachu and a pregnant Princess Fiona.

The stickers are powered by Meta’s Llama 2 LLM and were announced at Meta Connect last week. They are also currently rolling out for Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, Instagram DMs and WhatsApp.

Users who already have access to AI-generated stickers have reported that the feature blocks some sensitive words (via The Verge). Using inappropriate words shows a warning, saying that the prompt might violate Meta’s community guidelines. However, users have found that typing in a typo of a sensitive or inappropriate word bears results, and so does describing inappropriate content without using inappropriate words, as seen in the tweet below:

Currently, the AI-generated stickers are available to a small number of users. Meta will likely fix the issue before it rolls out the feature to a wider audience.

Image credit: @Pioldes

Source: @Pioldes Via: The Verge