Fitbit Charge 6 is now available for pre-order in Canada

The fitness tracker costs $219.95

After rumours swirled this morning about Google-owned Fitbit’s upcoming Charge 6 fitness wearable, Fitbit surprised us by announcing the device.

The Charge 6 looks a lot like 2021’s Charge 5 wearable, but it boasts a few new features. Highlights include more accurate heart rate tracking and improved sensors, compatibility with Bluetooth-enabled exercise machines, 20 new exercise modes, and helpful Google features like Wallet, Maps and YouTube Music controls.

The improved heart rate tracking leverages “innovation from the Pixel Watch,” which means it uses an improved machine learning algorithm for up to 60 percent more accurate heart rate tracking during “vigorous activities.” Moreover, compatibility with Bluetooth-enabled exercise machines lets people view their real-time heart rate displayed during a workout.

As for the 20 new exercise modes, Fitbit says the Charge 6 now supports high-intensity interval training (HIIT), strength training, snowboarding, and more. The Charge 6 also has built-in GPS for tracking workouts without needing to bring along your smartphone.

On the software side, the Charge 6 is getting some helpful new tools. There are YouTube Music controls for starting, stopping, or skipping songs right on your wrist. Plus, for the first time, Charge users will be able to use Google Maps and Wallet for navigation and contactless payments. There’s also a new ‘Zoom + Magnification’ accessibility feature that can magnify the words on the screen to help people read them.

The Fitbit Charge 6 is now available for pre-order from Fitbit or Google. It costs $219.95 in Canada and comes in three colour options, ‘Obsidian / Black Aluminum,’ ‘Coral / Champagne Gold Aluminum’ and ‘Porcelain / Silver Aluminum.’

Images credit: Google

Source: Google