Rogers hikes smartwatch plan price by $5/month

The $15 price tag is higher than what Telus and Bell currently charge

Rogers has increased the cost of its smartwatch plan.

Customers now have to pay $15/month to share data from their phone plan. The price was previously listed as $10/month.

The plan gives users access to data speeds up to 1Gbps through Rogers 5G/5G+ network.

Customers can finance a smartwatch or bring their own. However, those who finance the device and choose an Infinite Premium Plan (which starts at $85/month for mobile only at the time of writing) can get the smartwatch plan free for two years.

It’s important to note the fine print shows the company will apply a $10/month credit for 24 months and not $15, reducing the plan’s cost but not making it free. It’s unclear if this is an oversight from the company.

A Reddit post by user Similar-Success was the first to point out the price hike. But as replies from the post note, there may be a way to get around the change. Some users suggest long-time Rogers customers call a service representative and ask for loyalty-based savings.

User Ill-Mastodon-8692 further states customers can access 30GB of bonus data for $0 with code ‘SH30GBNS.’ Success in accessing any discounts on bonuses will vary.

Comparatively, both Bell and Telus are offering smartwatch plans that start at $10/month. But now that Rogers has increased its price tag, it’s likely the others will also follow, as we’ve seen time and time again.

Via: Reddit