Leaked images show alleged Pixel 8a in vibrant blue

Never too early for a Pixel leak

Ahead of Google’s October event, where the company is expected to unveil the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro line, a leaker posted alleged images of Google’s next smartphone, the Pixel 8a.

The images were shared in a series of tweets from Abhishek Yadav (@yabhishekhd). There are four images in total showing off the front, rear, and left and right sides of the device.

The purported Pixel 8a, codenamed ‘Akita’ and sporting the Tensor G3 chip, features more heavily rounded corners than on Google’s previous Pixel A-series devices, harkening back to the days of the Pixel 4a.

Also of note is the colour, which looks very similar to the leaked Pixel 8 Pro’s blue colour, likely dubbed ‘Sky.’ Aside from white and black options, Google tends not to have the same colours for its phones, so it seems a bit odd that the Pixel 8a could come in a similar shade to the Pixel 8 Pro. That said, the Pixel 7a also came in a blue option — a paler ‘Sea’ colour — it’s possible the blue proved popular and Google decided to stick with blue because of that. Naturally, this is pure speculation and I could come up with several reasons why Google would or would not offer a blue Pixel 8a, so ultimately, it’s a moot point.

Beyond the more rounded corners, the leaked images show off, well, a Pixel device. At this point, Google’s Pixel camera bar design is well-established, so there’s little surprise there.

What is surprising is the timing of this leak. It feels particularly early for an A-series Pixel leak, given Google usually unveils the A-series in May at its annual I/O conference. Plus, something about the images seems off, though I can’t quite put my finger on what.

All this is to say that I’d take the leak with a fair bit of skepticism.

Header image credit: Abhishek Yadav (@yabhishekhd)

Source: Abhishek Yadav (@yabhishekhd)