X (Twitter) launches new government-ID verification feature for paid accounts

The platform cites security concerns for the move but fails to apply verification attempts to free accounts

X (formally known as Twitter) now allows Blue subscribers to verify their accounts with government-issued ID.

According to the platform’s policy, the move will “ensure the safety and security of accounts” and avert impersonation.

“Our verification process focuses on ensuring that a real person with valid identification is the owner of the account,” the policy states.

The feature is available in Canada. However, it is not global. X says those in the European Union and the United Kingdom can’t access it at this time.

According to TechCrunch, X has partnered with Au10tix to roll out the feature. The publication reports the Israel-based tech company can store data associated with the collected information, including photographs from the IDs, for 30 days. This information is also included in a pop-up window for the feature.

Image credit: MobileSyrup/X

Verifying an account this way comes with several “benefits,” including a tag that tells users the account is ID verified, and “prioritized support,” the policy states. However, it hasn’t specified what the support could look like.

The company says it’s also working on several other benefits tied to ID verification. These include more flexibility for users to make profile changes.

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Source: X Via: TechCrunch