Google says it ‘doesn’t have any repair option’ for Pixel Watch

If you break your watch, you're out of luck

Pixel Watch with bands

If your Pixel Watch screen gets cracked, Google won’t do anything to help.

The search giant doesn’t have “any repair option” for the Pixel Watch, confirmed both by the experiences of several Pixel Watch owners who sought repairs from the company and by a statement Google gave to The Verge on the matter.

The Verge highlighted several posts on Reddit and Google’s official support forums from Pixel Watch owners frustrated about the lack of repair options. The publication also reviewed a support chat between one reader and Google where a company representative said Google “doesn’t have any repair centers or service centers” for the Pixel Watch.

“At this moment, we don’t have any repair option for the Google Pixel Watch,” Google spokesperson Bridget Starkey told The Verge.

“If your watch is damaged, you can contact the Google Pixel Watch Customer Support Team to check your replacement options.”

Even Google’s hardware warranty leaves customers in a lurch if something happens to their Pixel Watch, and there’s no extended warranty option either.

The lack of repair options really, really sucks. The Pixel Watch isn’t exactly cheap, and while its domed glass design looks nice, it also leaves the watch vulnerable to damage like cracks and scrapes.

Plus, as The Verge points out, iFixit found the Pixel Watch held promise for future repairability, though that doesn’t mean much if people can’t get replacement parts.

All this leaves the Pixel Watch in a bad spot for repairability. And with the Pixel Watch 2 likely not changing the design significantly, these problems will persist unless Google develops a repair program.

Which, the company might legally have to do. California’s new right-to-repair bill mandates companies make replacement parts available for seven years for devices that cost $100 USD or more. If Google has to do that for California, hopefully, the company will scale up the effort to impact more regions.

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