SWIFT projects bring high-speed internet access to hundreds of locations in Middlesex County

The projects are part of the non-profit's Southwestern Ontario broadband expansion plan

EH!tel Networks and Execulink Telecom have completed two separate projects to bring high-speed internet access to a collective 665 homes and businesses.

The previously underserved areas are located throughout Southwest Middlesex, Middlesex Centre and the Township of Strathroy-Caradoc. The municipalities are located within Middlesex County, Ontario.

EH!tel Networks’ 105-kilometre high-speed network will use fibre and wireless technologies to benefit 597 rural homes and businesses in the communities of Glencoe, Mount Brydges, Southwold and Middlemiss.

Execulink Telecom’s six-kilometre fibre-to-the-home network will provide high-speed internet to 68 homes and businesses located outside the rural communities of Lobo and Melrose.

“In a world where access to high-speed connectivity has evolved from a convenience to a necessity, these projects mark yet another step towards ensuring that residents and businesses have the tools they need to thrive in today’s digital age,” Barry Field, the executive director of Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT), said.

SWIFT provided funding for the two projects under its Southwestern Ontario broadband expansion plan. Valued at $270 million, the project aims to provide high-speed internet access to 64,000 homes and businesses.

The expansion plan has funded several other internet projects in Dufferin County, Caledon, Bruce County and Huron County.

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Source: SWIFT