Bell Media focuses on personalized ads through the launch of Addressable TV

The launch will lead to a 'personalized viewing experience,' the company says

Bell Media has launched Addressable TV (ATV) to deliver tailored ads to its TV audiences.

ATV uses demographics and behaviour data through its various content forms, including Video on Demand (VOD) and live streams, to create a personalized ad experience.

The move will allow advertisers to access “premium inventory” and improve their ad spend.

ATV applies across Bell Media’s content lineup, including the company’s VOD offerings like CTV, CTV2, and Noovo.

“Bell Media’s ATV solution leverages the largest source of Canadian household insights, including Bell’s premium first-party data, for precise targeting to an advertiser’s core audience,” the company said in a press release.

Bell says it’s the first broadcaster in Canada to make the offering on linear channels through a Canadian broadcast distributor

ATV is available through Bell’s Fibe TV app across Connected TV, mobile and web platforms. ATV will come to its next-gen top boxes “later this year.”

Source: Bell Media