Freedom is offering up to $10/month discount on BYOP 5G plans

The company has also included a 10GB data bonus on its BYOP Canada, U.S., and Mexico plan

Freedom Mobile is offering a monthly credit on two of its 5G plan options if customers bring their own devices.

The 40GB plan is available for $45/month, bringing the price down from the original $50 price tag. This is through a $5/month credit that is available for 24 months.

The company is also offering a $10/month credit for 24 months on its Canada, U.S., and Mexico plan, dropping the $65/month price tag to $55/month.

It’s worth noting the listed prices include Freedom’s $5/mo ‘Digital Discount’ for using automatic payments.

Freedom also has a data bonus on this plan to include an extra 10GB of data, bringing the allotment to a total of 60GB of 5G data.

The bonus data is not available to existing customers.

Freedom Mobile’s BYOP plans on August 23rd.

Customers also need to set up auto-pay to access the plans at this price. Without this digital discount, the price for each plan will increase by $5/month.

The discounts come weeks after Freedom debuted its 5G plans.

More information is available on Freedom’s website.