Samsung Galaxy S24 could sport slightly bigger battery

Leaks suggest a 100mAh increase

Samsung could stuff a larger battery into its upcoming Galaxy S24 headset, according to the latest rumours.

The details come from GalaxyClub (via Android Central), which shared an image of the alleged battery from the Galaxy S24. While the image is low-res, and it’s difficult to read the text on the battery, GalaxyClub claims the battery is a 4,000mAh cell.

That would make it 100mAh larger than the Galaxy S23 battery and return the phone to the same size battery as what was in the Galaxy S21. While 100mAh might not sound like much on paper, every little bit can help. Besides, the battery boost will likely be paired with a new Snapdragon chipset in the Galaxy S24 — the new chipset could bring efficiency improvements, further improving battery life.

Image credit: GalaxyClub

Android Central notes that previous leaks said the S24 Plus would also get a larger battery, coming in at 4,900mAh (assuming we even get a ‘plus’ model this year). The Galaxy S24 Ultra, however, will stick with a 5,000mAh cell.

Source: GalaxyClub Via: Android Central