Xplore brings fibre internet to more than 27,000 Québec premises

Homes and businesses will have access to internet speeds up to 1GB

Xplore is one step closer to completing a fibre internet project in Québec.

On Tuesday, the company announced it brought fibre internet to more than 27,000 Québec homes and businesses.

The work is part of a larger project to expand fibre internet access across the regions of Pontiac, Les Sources, Vallée de la Gatineau, La Tuque and Papineau.

Xplore says it has completed more than 95 percent of the construction, and it expects to complete the entire project by September. The fibre network will span 2,700 kilometres and benefit 33,000 rural homes and businesses once completed.

Of the completed locations, 8,000 premises are in Pontiac, 3,500 in Les Sources, 5,500 in Vallée de la Gatineau, 1,300 in La Tuque, and  9,400 in Papineau.

“With each new connection, Xplore demonstrates its commitment to providing better broadband experiences to residents and businesses in the province,” Charles Beaudet, Xplore’s vice president of government relations, said.

Opération Haute Vitesse, the Government of Québec’s high speed internet project, provided support for Xplore’s expansion.

Source: Xplore