Headlines in news articles shared on X might soon be a thing of the past

Removing the extra text will help with 'esthetics,' Musk said

News articles on Twitter X will soon start appearing in a very different format.

Currently, articles shared on the platform include the website, headline, and a snippet of what the article is about, alongside the leading image.

According to Fortune, the change would see the company ditch the text elements, leaving the lead image and a URL. The publication states the change will make posts look compact, fitting more images on the screen.

Elon Musk confirmed the news in reply to a tweet (now post) from X News Daily, claiming the change is his own idea and will help with the platform’s “esthetics.”

Musk believes the change could also help address clickbait. Articles shared at this time typically cut out parts of a headline, which makes it easier for other websites to create a clickbait headline, Fortune explains.

It’s not clear when the platform will implement the change, which is one of many Musk has made since he took over the platform. Other (somewhat disastrous) changes include changing the verification program and requiring a Blue subscription to access Tweet Deck.

Image credit: Shutterstock 

Source: Fortune