First images of Lenovo’s Steam Deck-esque handheld reportedly leak

The first images of Lenovo’s Lenovo Legion Go gaming handheld have seemingly hit the web courtesy of Windows Report.

Interestingly, while the portable PC handheld is Steam Deck-esque in concept, the photos reveal a more Nintendo Switch-inspired design. Specifically, Lenovo’s device has two removable controller sticks on either end of the display, just like the Switch’s Joy-Cons.

Image credit: Windows Report

Additionally, the button placements seem reminiscent of Asus’ ROG Ally, while the screen is reportedly set to be eight inches, bigger than what’s featured in both Asus and Valve’s devices.

Legion Go handheld

Image credit: Windows Report

Under the hood, the Legion Go Gaming is rumoured to sport AMD’s new Phoenix processors, which are also featured in the ROG Ally. Lenovo’s handheld is also said to run Windows 11.

While this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the Legion Go, it’s yet another report on the rumoured device without official confirmation from Lenovo. As such, it remains to be seen if and when it will ultimately reveal the handheld.

Header image credit: Lenovo

Source: Windows Report