Lenovo working on Steam Deck-like PC handheld: report

Another challenger is seemingly entering the ring

Lenovo is developing its own Steam Deck-esque PC handheld gaming device, according to Windows Central.

The portable, reportedly dubbed the ‘Legion Go,’ will sport an 8-inch display (slightly bigger than the Steam Deck and Asus ROG Ally) and be powered by a Ryzen chip. It would also run Windows 11.

Windows Central didn’t provide any indication as to how much the Legion Go might cost. For context, the Steam Deck starts at $499 CAD (although the more expensive SSD model is priced at $659), while the ROG Ally costs $899.

Interestingly, the outlet noted that it heard at Xbox’s Summer Game Fest adjacent event in June that Microsoft is working with Lenovo to support the device. The Xbox maker has already worked with Samsung and Logitech on cloud-related initiatives, so it makes sense that it would extend its third-party partnerships with Lenovo.

Despite all of this, Windows Central concedes that the Legion Go might not actually ever release. The publication notes that rumours of a previous handheld, the ‘Legion Play,’ circled a few years back but never came to fruition. That said, the Legion Go might be an iteration of that previous concept.

Source: Windows Central