Letterkenny spin-off Shoresy Season 2 premieres September 29

The second season is hitting Crave next month


The Letterkenny spinoff Shoresy is back on September 29th on Bell Media’s Crave streaming platform.

The Canadian series focuses on Shoresy, a character with the quickest jabs in all of Ontario, played by Jared Keeso (who also portrays Wayne in the main series).

Additionally, Shoresy stars Tasya Teles, Keilani Elizabeth, Ryan McDonell, Jordan Nolan, and more.

Crave subscription starts at $9.99/month for a Basic with Ads plan, including up to 720p access to Shoresy, HBO content, and more. A Standard with Ads membership is priced at $14.99 and includes up to 4K quality. Finally, a $19.99/month Crave Premium subscription is required to stream this content ad-free, on top of other benefits.