TTC riders can tap their credit, debit cards for payments starting August 15th

The TTC joins a long list of other transit organizations that already offer the feature

TTC users will finally be able to tap their credit and debit cards to pay for fares.

The long-awaited feature will go into effect on August 15th and includes cards added to a smartphone or smartwatch.

“Giving people the option of paying with their debit or credit cards makes it easier for people to choose the TTC to get to work, school or anywhere else,” Olivia Chow, the Mayor of Toronto, said in a press release.

The launch comes after years of requests from customers. Similar options are available on several other transit routes, including Metrolinx, which piloted the project in 2021.

“Adding the option to tap a debit and credit card on Presto devices across the TTC is another way for customers to have more choice in how they pay their fares as they travel throughout the region,” Phil Verster, the president and CEO of Metrolinx, said.

The Ontario government says it’s working with Metrolinx to create a virtual Presto card through mobile wallets. The feature will become available “in the coming months.”

Source: TTC