OnePlus’ first mechanical keyboard is based on the Keychron Q1 Pro

OnePlus' Keyboard 81 Pro costs $299

Shenzhen, China-based OnePlus, which is best known for its smartphones, is entering the PC peripheral market.

The company recently ventured into the mechanical keyboard market with its first product, the Keyboard 81 Pro. The accessory is based on one of the best mechanical keyboards on the market, the Keychron Q1 Pro. In the new variant, OnePlus has made some changes to the design and features that make it worth considering.

OnePlus’ keyboard is available in dark grey/light grey colour options, and has a solid aluminum frame, a gasket-mounted polycarbonate switch plate, hot-swappable switches, and full programmability via software. However, the keyboard doesn’t offer a 2.4Ghz connection mode and is limited to Bluetooth for wireless connections.

What makes OnePlus’ variant different from the regular Ketchron Q1 Pro is the addition of a kickstand that allows you to change the angle at which you use the keyboard. Secondly, as shared by The Verge, the Keyboard 81 Pro has different switches than the Q1 Pro. OnePlus has used custom-branded switches that match the colour scheme of the keyboard. The company offers the keyboard with the Winter Bonfire switches, which are red-stemmed tactile switches, and with the Summer Breeze switches, which are navy blue-stemmed linear switches.

According to The Verge‘s time with the keyboard, the difference in feel is subtle but noticeable. The OnePlus switches feel slightly heavier and deeper than the Cherry MX switches, which come with the Keychron Q1 Pro.

The regular Keychron Q1 Pro costs $276 in Canada. If you’re already a fan of the Keychron Q1 Pro and have disposable cash to spend, OnePlus’ Keyboard 81 Pro might be a solid option for $299.

Learn more about the keyboard here.

Image credit: OnePlus

Via: The Verge