Eastlink completes fibre expansion project in Mindemoya, Ontario

Eastlink is working to bring high-speed internet to several other communities, including Bruce and Lambton

Eastlink has completed work on its fibre network in Mindemoya, Ontario, as it continues fibre expansion work in the province.

“Demand for access to high-speed internet in more rural communities has never been greater, which makes builds like these so important,” Jeff Gillham, Eastlink’s CEO, said. “We’re proud to deliver on that in Mindemoya and soon other Ontario communities.”

Eastlink started working on the project last summer.

Funding for the network expansion in Mindemoya came from the federal government’s Universal Broadband Fund (UBF) program.  The UBF funds projects designed to bring high-speed internet access to Canadians.

Eastlink also previously received millions in funding from the Ontario Government’s Accelerated High Speed Internet Program. The investment will fund 2,500 kilometres of new fibre in unserved and underserved communities. Eastlink says construction on this project is underway.

Source: Eastlink